Reflection, Reset, Rebirth into a New Chapter

Yes, it is true. I've been quiet the past weeks. I've gone into a wintery hibernation and it has been purposeful. I decided to use the energy of Winter to help me go inward for some deep reflection on how I am showing up - for me.

Humanity is evolving and that means you and me along with it. If you find yourself at a place where you are questioning every choice you have made and how you might have done life differently, you are not alone. We are all reflecting on how we might have chosen differently if we were healed, not afraid, or believed in a different storyline. I'm right there with you!

REFLECTION: The Mirror Doesn't Lie

Being willing to look in the 'soul-mirror' isn't an easy thing to do. However, when we are brave

enough to take a look, the Universe has an uncanny way of placing mirrors directly in our faces so we can learn. We might get triggered by a strange encounter with former trauma or experience a setback that floods us with feelings of failure. The Universe is showing us our stuff. The places that need more love and support or where we might need to work on our interpersonal skills.

Got brooding anger on the backburner that boils over on occasion? The Universe will turn the knob up on that for you when you are ready to take a look. The world is our mirror and our classroom. Continually.

I've asked myself some important questions:

Am I living authentically? And how do I really know?

Having been on a major healing journey myself, I've learned the hard way that if I am not living from my most authentic vibrational frequency, eventually my body will start shouting at me on the physical level. Assessing a 24-hour cycle for those moments where we may feel stifled, frustrated, sad, lonely, or fearful are invaluable to reflecting some serious truths.

We can get so caught up in the agendas, hidden expectations, and secret desires to fulfill a belief. Oh these beliefs, how they can mess with our heads! That little relentless nugget of belief is like a backseat driver steering us down little forks in the road to be accepted by our parents, friends, or society. Haven't we all fought these expectations our whole life?

What moments in my life were filled with the most joy?

Scanning my memories for joyful moments as far back as I can remember, I reflected on my heart and state of being during those times. Was I

impassioned? Acheiving something exciting? Was I surrounded by a lot of people during that joyful moment? Was I restful, creative, impulsive, rebellious when I was in joy?

For me, I realized those key joyful moments were very simple carefree experiences. I had given myself permission to be in joy. The significant moments were significant not because of what I was doing, but rather how I was being within myself.

How can I best use all the lessons, skills, knowledge, and creativity to be in service from the heart with joy?

We are all asking this question right now. All of us! Most of us don't know how to find this answer on our own. I realized it is tricky to get to that glowing, joyful expression when we're still serving an outmoded belief system and listening to that backseat driver.

If a belief to fullfill someone else's expectation is running in the background then everything I choose is going to be coming from a place of inauthenticity. I'll try to offer something from my heart, but if that program is there, I'll make choices that try to fulfill both. Then we wonder why something isn't working out the way we thought.

Trust me, it's subtle. If we are not actively looking for this insidious program we will miss it.

These kinds of lurking beliefs, waiting to subterfuge our best life, deserve our inner reflections. If there is an outmoded belief system that doesn't serve the natural expression of our soul, its likened to unraveling a ball of knotted yarn. We have to slow down, look closely, and mindfully unravel each little knot that has us bound.

Each entanglement requires a level of presence if we are to unravel anything.

We are all entangled from these old programs that somehow aren't working anymore. I bet you've even asked yourself questions about quitting your job, leaving your relationship, realizing you want to be more creative, noticing that what once worked before isn't working now. All of these thoughts are those whispers guiding us to a New Earth. A new way to show up for ourselves, each other, and this planet.

RESET: A button to change your life

After reflecting on these outmoded programs running behind the scenes I needed to hit a reset button. What does that look like?

To me, hitting a reset means stopping. Stop. Just stop. Stop creating endless tasks of busyness so we can tune out those whispers asking us to stop. Even if it's just for a day. Stop. Get still. Lay there. Eat slowly. Journal. Watch a sunset. Stare out a window. Sleep. Take a walk with the intention of noticing everything on the walk. The point is to figure out what is preventing you from giving yourself permission to be in joy. The point is to stop doing so you can start being.

That hamster wheel called modern life subscribes to the fulfillment of an outmoded belief. We don't

want to get off the hamster wheel until we know exactly why we'd get off. We think that we need to keep doing what we are doing so we become. Round and round we go, never stopping to get a good look in the mirror. Can you see how this doesn't work?

That's like an alcoholic saying, "I know this drink isn't good for me, but I'm going to keep drinking until I figure out something that will be better." We know that person isn't going to find what they need until they stop drinking and their newfound clarity organically reveals it for them.

That zest and inspiration we want to feel in this life can only come when we give ourselves permission to stop running on the hamster wheel, get off, get our legs landed, and see where they take us. The key is giving ourselves permission. No one is going to give that to us. Only we can decide.

So, I did. I took a giant reset.

REBIRTH: Letting your old self die

Whenever there is a rebirth coming into form there is simultaneously a death. A woman giving birth simultaneously puts to death an aspect of herself to become a mother. The same is true in the rebirth on our life journey. There are facets to ourselves that will die away as we bring to life a new way of showing up.

You've likely experienced a rebirth at some point in your life that signified the starting of a new chapter. Something died in place of this new experience or life direction. We will likely transition out of friendships, familiarity, creature comforts, or a sense of security for that different life. If we are clinging to an old identity, fear of disappointing others, or fear of failure then we are in for a painfully long birth.

I'm in the middle of a rebirth right now! My reflection and reset is bringing clarity. I'm allowing new ideas, dreams, and creative expressions to percolate in, around, and through me. I'm feeling into what feels the most joyful. And I'm not trying to make it be something, hurry it, or question. I'm not trying to make a plan or future project into outcomes. Those are all attachments that will eventually create suffering. I am, however, feeling into every idea, daydream, and moment of excitement for breadcrumbs of information to keep revealing more truths.

I'm hopeful in the new offerings that are coming through me. I'm certain they are going to be a more authentic expression for myself. Those are the intentions I am setting. Without attachment to status, identity, or other's expectations. That isn't an easy thing for people pleasers like myself, and it isn't an easy thing to trust when we still have to put a roof over our heads. Yet, those moments I've felt I've been bound in a knot, somehow, often miraculously, unravel. We don't need to know what every step will look like, but rather trust that our individual job is to get right with ourselves and the rest will fall into place.

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