About Sahara

My own healing experience

taught me how

to live authentically.

When we learn to do that,

we thrive! 

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I was born an Intuitive and I was born into medicine

At the age of 10 my quest to help heal others began

Healing is in my blood. I've dedicated my life to help people learn how to live authentically from their heart. When we are healed, this is possible. When we learn how to love the journey, we are actually living.  

My Vision offers 

A Sanctuary for the Spirit of Your Heart

Part of healing is realizing that your spirit and heart are an integral piece for your own healing and thriving. When we feel safe, seen, and matter that is when we have the space to listen to what we need to heal.

My Mission

Awaken, Inspire, Empower, and Educate about Authentic Healing

Healing that awakens how you see yourself and your reality. Empowering with Intuitive Spiritual Healing, and Five Element Acupuncture, Retreats and Workshops. 

My Story

I've been on a quest to understand healing the soul since I was a child

Navigating Lyme Disease as an Intuitive taught me what it means to completely change the vibrational frequency of the body to thrive. 

I'm dedicated to helping others reclaim their power to heal, live, and thrive.