Sahara Here

I'm committed to helping you activate your most authentic self and using your life hardships to do so.

I was born an Intuitive AND I was born into Medicine

At the age of 10 my quest to help heal others began

Healing is in my blood. I've dedicated my life to help people learn how to live authentically from their heart. When we are healed, this is possible. When we learn how to love the journey, we are actually living.  

My Vision 

To give you empowering tools for life.

I believe every hardship we encounter is meant to guide us back to our truest sense of self. When we are able to navigate the ups and downs of life with unshakable strength we will be able to reimagine our futures.

Image by Kerem Karaarslan

My Mission

Awaken, Inspire, Empower, and Educate about Authentic Healing

Healing that awakens how you see yourself and your reality. Empowering with Intuitive Spiritual Healing, and Five Element Acupuncture, Retreats and Workshops. 

My Story
with Lyme

Navigating Lyme Disease as an Intuitive taught me what it means to completely change the vibrational frequency in the body to transform. 

I also understand what it means to lose everything you once knew when unforeseen circumstances come your way. 

When we can say, "Thank you for the opportunity.", that is when we have discovered the alchemy to transform ourselves.