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2018 Silver Winner
Nautilus Book Awards
"Best Heroic Journey"


Heart Broke Open is the courageous portrayal of how lessons of the Aloha Spirit awakened a conscious relationship with my soul when Lyme disease became the catalyst for a profound healing journey and the discovery of a greater calling. This teaching memoir is an epic pilgrimage that begins with a leap of faith—from the rainy Pacific Northwest into the warmer waters of Maui, Hawaii. Though I was expecting the enchanting promise of a dream fulfilled, romance, and the perfect life, I got something else entirely.

Who knew that a disease caused by a simple tick bite would wreak such havoc on my entire world? My notion of healing was to get physically better from the Lyme disease—the universe had something else in store. Abandoned and betrayed by my partner, leaving me heartbroken, homeless, and alone, I found myself flailing untethered from any sense of security. Yet, the magic of the islands compelled me to look beyond my physical pain and suffering. I had stumbled into the classroom of healing transformation with Lyme disease as my poignant teacher. The enchanted lessons of the Aloha Spirit not only inspired me, but can also inspire you onto a healing path that extends beyond our life circumstances and awakens a new way to live, love, and thrive.

You will awaken to the medicine of the Aloha Spirit while I discover its deeper meaning requires personal accountability and conscious relationship with myself and the world. Serving as my moral code and compass, I was compelled to keep my broken heart open to learn forgiveness, gentleness, humility, courage, and patience. Diving into the heart of transforming suffering, Heart Broke Open offers the important question: How can we live authentically with the Aloha Spirit, shining our light while accepting our life as it is? You will discover that the answer is not found in eliminating suffering and illness, but illuminating the perception of their experience.  



I read the book cover to cover in two sittings. I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed it. Both hearing your full story and learning about the healing journey were extremely useful to me. 


I felt myself delve into a world so recognizable yet shown to me through a different veil. Its healing powers were expressed and experienced through the author's true-life experiences. A beautifully written book so authentically written by someone who I'm sure will touch and heal many hearts.


Your way with words is unlike anything I've ever read. I've doggy-eared so many pages. I don't want it to ever end!  


I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your book. Very affirming of and gives voice to the emotional-spiritual process that chronic illness takes us through and I identify with a lot of it. I really liked it!!!!!  Very validating for all of us... looking for meaning in our journey thru difficult life situations. 

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