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Traditional Five Element Acupuncture

Immersive Healing Beyond the Symptoms for the Whole Family

What are the Five Elements?

When the Five Elements are Balanced We Express Them in Unique Ways

Image by Benjamin Davies


Helps us with support, boundaries, routines, digestion, appetite, insomnia, and a sense of calm. A healthy Earth Element brings solidity, strength, and balance.

Image by Krystal Ng


Our self-worth and value help us to move through areas we are stuck in grief and longing. A healthy Metal Element helps to soften what has long held rigid. 


Our internal power and innate wisdom are guided by the water element. When it is balanced we are deeply guided by our internal compass and we have plenty of energy to perservere.


The vision for our best life is fostered by the wood element. Carrying the seeds of our potential, a healthy Wood Element gives us clear insight, goals, and a sense of action to make our life happen.


The capacity to connect, love, and relate to another is what the Fire Element fosters in us. A balanced Fire Element gives us the capacity to create our best life and find joy while doing it. 

Baldwin Beach, Paia, Hawaii
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Beyond the Symptoms

Do you feel your symptoms are deeper than a physical issue?

The symptoms of your ailments are an expression of your authentic nature being out of balance. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture helps to clear blocked, stuck, and traumatic patterns that present in the form of illness, pain, and life-altering challenges.    

You grew and were shaped into who you are right now based upon a lifetime of experiences. This form of acupuncture addresses the unique nature of your being and fosters the innate wisdom of your body to heal for you. 

Adult, Pediatric, and Animal Sessions are available.

Sahara offers 5 Element Acupuncture 

from her Makawao Home Office on Maui, Hawaii

Intro to the Five Elements

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  • Best for New Patient or those preferring more time in working with Sah...

    1 hr 30 min

  • Private Maui Session (45-90 min)

    1 hr

  • Five Element Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Consultation

    2 hr

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