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Healing Services with Sahara

Immersive Healing for the Whole Family

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Individuals, Relationships,

Children, and Pets

A private session with Sahara may include:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Moxa, and

other East Asian Healing Modalities

Energy Healing

Massage and Craniosacral

Intuitive Medical Assessment

Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Grief, Trauma, and Illness Counseling

Nutritional and Herbal Protocols through Online Dispensary

Medical Concierge through Telehealth

End of Life Support and Holistic Palliative Care


**Needle-Free Treatments Available**


**Pediatric & Pet Sessions**

Image by Galina N
Image by Alexander Kotlyar

Sahara's Services

Private Appointments are made available online or contact us to schedule. 


Holistic and Spiritual Assessments

Holistic Health Online for you, your Relationships, your Kids, and even your Pets. 

Medical Concierge Package Available


Holistic Health and Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, and other forms of East Asian Medicine

Five Element Acupuncture is a specialty within East Asian Medicine that focuses on treating the whole person. 

Soul Repair

Get the Works!

A fully immersive private healing session to address the deeper soul issues that have likely been haunting you. This 2-3 hour session can involve spiritual counseling, healing, energy work, intuitive medical assessments, acupuncture, and a deep healing experience to realign your soul and get YOU back. 

Medical Concierge Package

Telehealth Session Package of Eight

Comprehensive holistic health consultation provides a directive plan and referrals for your medical diagnosis along with emotional and spiritual support. 

Eight Weeks of catered guidance to help you get the reigns on your healing journey.

End of Life Support Package

House Call Package of Eight for Two People

Eight weeks of house calls for the patient and caregiver to receive holistic palliative support and bereavement counseling. 

Have someone hold space for you during this difficult time. 

What are the Five Elements?

When the Five Elements are Balanced We Express Them in Unique Ways

Image by Benjamin Davies


Helps us with support, boundaries, routines, digestion, appetite, insomnia, and a sense of calm. A healthy Earth Element brings solidity, strength, and balance.

Image by Krystal Ng


Our self-worth and value help us to move through areas we are stuck in grief and longing. A healthy Metal Element helps to soften what has long held rigid. 


Our internal power and innate wisdom are guided by the water element. When it is balanced we are deeply guided by our internal compass and we have plenty of energy to perservere.


The vision for our best life is fostered by the wood element. Carrying the seeds of our potential, a healthy Wood Element gives us clear insight, goals, and a sense of action to make our life happen.


The capacity to connect, love, and relate to another is what the Fire Element fosters in us. A balanced Fire Element gives us the capacity to create our best life and find joy while doing it. 

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Holistic Supplements and Protocols Delivered to Your Door

Detox - Immunity - Emotions - Digestion - Reproductive Issues - Skin Conditions    Hormone Imbalances - Stress    Depression - Anxiety - Neurological Conditions - Insomnia - And more...


Online Dispensary

Sahara's Blog

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