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Are You Hearing the Call for a New Earth?

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

It seems we are all busy trying to reimagine a New Earth like a bunch of lone pioneers walking the same journey but not yet together. I've been tired of being a New Earth Pioneer all by myself and I felt it was important to share this blueprint from our Ancestors that I feel honored and blessed to impart to you in the transformative journey I created for New Earth Pioneers who don't want to walk the road alone. I believe we are each here for a reason during this global crisis.

This is a message to the souls who have chosen to be alive during our global crisis. You have been given an incredible soul responsibility. While you are alive in this body, you are charged with the task to carry forward a new way for the human race to take care of each other and this planet.

For centuries humanity has been shackled inside a mental construct of beliefs that success and achievement are the priority for being an acceptable member of society. The wheels of humanity have kept spinning, confining humans even further onto a hamster wheel of destructive progress generation after generation.

The time has come to shift our perspectives as to how we live on this planet and step into listening to the internal compass that guides each one of us. That compass holds the key to transforming our lives to reimagine a better way to show up.

We’re all waking up to the realization that the way we are living is no longer in alignment for a sustainable future. How do we shift ourselves from living in the problems and into impassioned purpose towards creating solutions?

The key is waking up the internal compass, living from our most authentic frequency, and learning new skill sets that hold the intention of a reimagined sustainable future.

We are all brothers and sisters of one humanitarian lineage. The time has come to shift how we show up on a massive scale. It is time for us to heal. Together.

Healing requires a softening so that we can forgive the past, let go of resentments, the need to be right, or the desire to feel vindicated. How do we do all of this?

I certainly don’t have the answers, but what I do have to offer is a blueprint to create change towards harmonious balance in our lives, relationships, health, and this planet. NEW EARTH PIONEER MASTERCLASS

is how I have come to offer my part in listening to my own internal compass. It's the only online masterclass that is offering sustainable empowering solutions, bridging ancient teachings and science to give you the skills necessary to transform your life where you feel a part of the solutions during our global crisis.

I invite you to see if you feel called to join the Pioneers on their journey to discover a New Earth with my free introductory class, Initiation: Introduction to the New Earth Pioneer Journey and the Five Elements.

How do we shift out of a 2000-year-old pattern?

By unraveling how we have come to believe what we believe, assessing whether that is really authentically true for our New Earth, and then making conscious choices for change. We will unravel ourselves out of a way of thinking, perceiving, and believing that carries destructive, oppressive, or self-serving ways and move us towards living from our most authentic expression.

Do you hear the call to be a part of new earth holding intentions towards solutions?

It is time for us to get strong! But what does that mean, really…

We’ve perceived that strength is meant to be used to dominate or conquer an illusory success, to reach a summit of personal achievement, to feel entitled to our perspective as right.

In those moments of our quests for success, it feels so right. So paramount that we’d almost risk anything even at our own cost.

We've learned to punish with violence, shame, and further oppression. We will oppress even ourselves for a perceived greater gain. We’re all so aware of the grips to maintain the way things are in this world. We’re all starting to feel that something has to give.

There is a summoning of strength rising, asking us all to answer the call for change. That strength I’m talking about is not found in some outside force. It isn’t found in pushing through, taking charge, blazing a trail, or any other way that puts an agenda onto the transformation necessary for a new earth rising.

True internal strength is not found in being hard. Internal strength is found in softening. Softening to the life that is right here, right now. Softening towards life in every facet of life.

That softened strength comes by letting our authentic nature guide us, creativity to follow, and allowing our heart to express what wants to come through.

The time has come to let go of anything that feels hard, gripping, fear-based, driven, or pressured.

How we consciously go about our lives will impact the change we wish to see on the planet.

Letting go of the confines of how things are supposed to be to break free from the box that has confined us is imperative to discover a new way of working in harmony with the energy of the earth, instead of against it. These are some of the intentions of the New Earth Pioneer’s reimagined future!

The time has come to awaken our relationship with this Earth on this planet once again. The time has come to learn new skill sets that help us to realign our values towards balance within ourselves and in our world.

We’re all waking up to this new way of being.

What I feel is needed to fully transform into solutions for a reimagined new earth is self-empowerment with new skill sets that strengthen our emotional intelligence to navigate with loving kindness and a new way of showing up that allows us to stay centered, no matter the circumstance. This internal strength and compass will allow our individual purposes to unfold with trust because we no longer are relying on validation outside of ourselves to matter.

As this world changes seemingly before our eyes, we ourselves need to be ready for whatever comes our way. Unshakable.

If you hear the call, YOU are invited to create a reimagined new earth by signing up for the New Earth Pioneer Masterclasses.

This incredible responsibility cannot be done on our own, individually. We need each other during this time, more than ever. You have something to offer during this great shift. Your soul carries the seeds of wisdom necessary to sprout your purpose. All you have to do is stop listening to the outside chatter around you and start listening to the internal truth of your soul. Together we will rise!

Sahara has been practicing holistic health since 2004 as an intuitive medicine woman, acupuncturist, and shamanic practitioner. She is on a mission as a New Earth Pioneer to offer a blueprint from ancient teachings with practical tools applied to create harmony in our modern lifestyle. She is dedicated to helping reawaken the intuitive wisdom that we innately possess to help reimagine a future during our global crisis. She has created a container of information in the form of an online masterclass to help you awaken this innate wisdom and give you the blueprint you need to awaken your empowered purpose during our new earth rising. Visit to learn more.


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