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Emotional Intelligence: The missing ingredient to solving our personal and global issues.

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

I've been sitting with a conundrum for well over twenty years. I innately knew that I was here, in this lifetime, to be a part of a great change. You may have felt this yearning and call within, too. After my own journey to gain skill sets to activate my own self as a New Earth Pioneer, I realized I MUST share these ancient teachings I've learned with the world. In the New Earth Pioneer Masterclass, I've done just that! In the creation of this online transformative journey, I realized that there was one key piece that was imperative if we were to reimagine our futures. Emotional Intelligence.

You are likely aware that we are all facing changing times ahead. We're all coming at it from this place of what we have learned up until this point. We are all living in different places within ourselves. I’m meaning in terms of our soul evolution, emotional intelligence, and the kinds of beliefs, woundings, traumas, and memories that have shaped us. Societal and ancestral programming also has contributed to who we are at this moment in time.

How do we navigate our relationships with all the complexity that is happening on this planet and with all the struggles we have happening inside of ourselves?

We're going to need a new way to learn to be with each other, a new perspective that allows us to have the capacity to move through challenges, conflict, and those continual patterns that always seem to play out in our relationships.

When we don't know how to communicate in a mindful way, are hurting, and we don't have the tools to be aware of what is running the show of our emotions, what ends up happening is we start to create separation from those that we think are judging us, don’t understand, don’t have time, or doesn't care. We start to lose our ability to connect. Sometimes that separation is healthy. We actually need to do that for our own healing or personal happiness, but how we go about seeking that authentic expression does matter.

We were taught very early on what love means. We were taught very early on what success, accomplishment, and getting praise meant to us in our family dynamics as well as our societal experiences. To reimagine a new earth, however, we’ve got to evolve beyond what we were taught, so we can stop repeating the same patterns of the past. This applies not only in our personal lives but also in humanity’s evolution. If we do not consciously shift how we are thinking and begin to engage one another with mindful skill sets, we will continue to feel powerless in the problems, rather than purposeful towards the solutions to create a better life for ourselves and each other.

Our Ancestors Taught Us How to Communicate.

Our unique life experience may affect our ability to communicate and connect, and so too does the thousands of years of oppression and trauma that live in every single one of our generational lineages. Our ancestors all have trauma. Every single ethnicity, social, economic, class, culture, country, and creed. Every single person on this planet is carrying ancestral trauma. We are all hurting. We all have wounded stories, while also trying to fit in and feel like we belong. We all want to matter. We all want to be valued. We all want to be respected and regarded. We all want to feel like we have a part to play. We all want to feel like we have safety, security, and a sense of belonging. We all want to feel appreciated. We all want to feel touched. And so many of us are not getting that because we're touching computer screens, tablets, and iPhones.

We are slowly tuning out the little messages of our own internal compass, which is where our emotional intelligence guides us from. And when we do that, we start feeling like we're all alone on the planet. Perpetuating those feelings of isolation. We’re seeing that happening on a lot of big levels in our society. There are a lot of energetic dynamics where we are losing our capacity to authentically connect.

We start feeling like we don't really have good connections or the connections that we do have are too demanding, toxic, or unable to operate in a healthy manner. We then get busy, put our earbuds in, and tune out the world. Seemingly disconnecting ourselves from life itself.

Somewhere in all of our lineages, we carry ancestral trauma.

We have many stories of our parents and our ancestors who have immigrated over to the United States, as an example. They had to start completely over. They had to uproot themselves with no home. Their villages were burned because of some war. Their family members were all killed because of fights over oil, precious minerals, dictators, or religious persecution. They were kidnapped from their homeland to become slaves or they were quarantined and sequestered into concentration camps or reservations because it didn't suit the overall consensus of the population. Or their entire family died in a plague and so they had to migrate to find work. The list is endless!

However our ancestors found their way on this planet for you to be where you are today, we are all a product of some form of cultural genocide.

We each carry a void in our soul of some type of cultural genocide or ancestral wounding. Every one of us.

Somewhere in our ancestral lineage therein lies a painful loss that has been encoded in our energetic blueprints. A loss of roots and ancient knowledge got passed down for generations before some form of cultural collapse ensued. We are all seeking a new sense of belonging and to find that feeling of authentic community connection, authentic relationships, and authentic interactions that feel safe, engaging, and nourishing.

Emotional Intelligence is a Tool that Can Change Every Facet of Our Life.

Emotional intelligence is learning the tools necessary to clear the past stories, beliefs, and wounds, so we have a mindful understanding of how to communicate with one another for a harmonious life experience.

As long as we are operating from wounded perceptions of our ancestral lineages and our personal journey, we will fail to gain the emotional intelligence necessary to create a harmonious future.

Our energetic blueprints carry memories, emotions, feelings, and expressions that are being asked to clear and heal. We as a collective are being invited to learn a whole new way to see each other, a whole new meaning of what love actually represents to the world. We are not going to be able to recreate, reimagine, or understand a new way of loving each other without conscious communication. We are not going to be able to do what we would like to do to create peace in this world without the capacity to navigate with kindness and clarity. We aren't going to be able to express a healthy environment for our loved ones or ourselves without emotional intelligence.

How can we learn emotional intelligence from the New Earth Pioneer perspective?

When we have mindful communication in place, whatever the unexpected that comes into our life (and they will come), we have tools and a foundation upon which we can begin to learn to unravel ourselves out of conflicts. If we’ve got tools to navigate because we understand the energy at play in our relationships, then we can unravel whatever conflicts or obstacles we face with an empowered purpose.

There are a lot of big global issues that we have coming down the pike. With emotional intelligence, we'll gain a reinforced foundation to stand upon. We have a guidance system to go by that allows us to relearn a new way in which we can show up.

New Earth Pioneer Masterclasses Has a Blueprint to Discover the Emotional Intelligence that is Already in You.

As part of the New Earth Pioneer online Masterclass, we’re learning the 10-Steps of Conscious Communication to discover a new way to navigate the world and our relationships. We begin by tapping into an ancient lineage of teachings that our ancestors once used to live in harmony on this planet thousands of years ago.

These ancient tools have now been applied to our modern lifestyle where we begin by using the ancient teachings of the Taoist Five Elements and the Five Personality Types.

We all express each personality type and when we are in a certain emotion or upset, we can use the Five Elements to navigate the relationships in our home-life, work-life, social-life, and even pet’s life. We are looking at communication from every vantage point as a New Earth Pioneer. There are some key components that are waiting to awaken in us for our authentic soul evolution and I feel, the most imperative one is Emotional Intelligence.


Sahara has been practicing holistic health since 2004 as an intuitive medicine woman, acupuncturist, and shamanic practitioner. She is on a mission as a New Earth Pioneer to offer a blueprint from ancient teachings with practical tools applied to create harmony in our modern lifestyle. She is dedicated to helping reawaken the intuitive wisdom that we innately possess to help reimagine a future during our global crisis. She has created a container of information in the form of an online masterclass to help you awaken this innate wisdom and give you the blueprint you need to awaken your empowered purpose during our new earth rising. Visit to learn more.

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