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A Collection by Sahara Sun


Sahara's Most Recent Painting

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The Process was Her Medicine,

the Channeled Images Evoke Healing for Others.

These paintings exist simply because they were divinely conspired to be expressed.  Something amazing happened when my neurologist said, “Please tell me you’re an artist. In order to heal your brain, you have to paint.”  


The first time I put a brush to canvas was the Summer of 2017.

In the year-long process to complete my first painting, my hand often felt like it wasn’t my own as I painted. I was taught in my dreams what to do. I was being guided to convey emotions and spiritual messages with every stroke. There are many more visual messages waiting to be put to canvas.    


The paintings have become a reflection of my cumulative knowledge and practice as an Intuitive Healer and Five Element Acupuncturist, translating messages from nature, the spirit world, and our future into visual form. They each have a story, lesson, or divine message to help heal, awaken, inspire, and connect us to the unseen world that is around us all the time. 

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