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The Five Elements are Pioneering a New Earth

Welcome to the New Earth Pioneer Blog!

If you have landed here, that likely means you are on a quest to develop some skillsets to understand better how our modern lifestyle might be affecting YOU. In this blog, I'm going to show you how the ancient Taoist teachings of the Five Elements can be used as a map to help you step into an authentic way of showing up for yourself to improve your health, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

We once lived in a world without modern conveniences for thousands of years. How were our ancestors able to maintain harmony with this earth and each other during certain times in history? How is it that in 200 years the United States and some of Europe have destroyed their soils, whereas other cultures that have been able to maintain their soils for over 2000 years? (1, 2)

Our modern lifestyle may have given us conveniences and ease of living, but we all know there are and will be ramifications to how we live now for our future decedents.

Could we use the teachings of the past to help us recalibrate the imbalances in our present?

One particular culture created a map to help the future of the planet, the Taoist Philosophers of Eastern Asia. Using the Five Elements, they created an important map to help us learn to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Their people, homes, soils, and futures were assured by the way they were living and this lasted over 2500 years until various power struggles and modern influences changed their way of life.

The Taoist Philosophers were shamans who studied energy, the seasons, and how these elements expressed themselves in our health, emotions, relationships, and even how we made choices in fulfilling our destinies. They analyzed how energy (Qi/Chi) flows through the body and mapped out what we now call 'Meridians'. They created the formulas, prescriptions, and points for healing and those protocols are the foundations for what we call Traditional Chinese Medicine today. The roots of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, and other forms of martial arts and East Asian practices all stem from the Taoist philosophers creating this energetic map for us to understand our world. The roots and branches of what they created go far and wide. One of these branches is called the Law of the Five Elements.

The Five Elements were so integral to every facet of their life. They used these elements to maintain not only their health but also land, relationships, homes, and even politics.

I hear so many people talking about wanting to change how we live to help fix the problems of the planet. People are frustrated with the destruction, pollution, oppression, and overconsumption of resources. They are scared as to what will become of our health. What will the future be like for the children if there is no healthy soil? What will we do with all these plastics, garbage, and overpopulation problems? So many talks about finding a new way to live, with no clear direction on how that is to be done.

With our modern lifestyle careening us seemingly into peril on a global and humanitarian level and barreling us into a major health crisis, many of us feel the pressure to change something about our lifestyle that feels like we're contributing to the solutions and not the problems.

If we are trying to reinvent the wheel, wouldn't it be important to learn from the past, not only from our mistakes but also from what we did right?

By using these ancient teachings, we've got a map to help us navigate not only for our own personal lives but to contribute to a collective awareness for change as well. We don't have to reinvent the wheel or keep subscribing to a modern lifestyle that isn't good for our health, happiness, and harmony. There is another way and I'm so honored to have learned this way and am now sharing it with you.

Below you will find how these Five Elements are the foundation of the New Earth Pioneer Online Retreat I've created to help during this critical time on the planet.


The Five Elements are Pioneering a New Earth

We all possess each element within us. They express themselves in unique ways and can help us to understand how we can reimagine a new way of showing up that feels more attuned, authentic, and aligned with this earth. Part of what I will be sharing in future blogs is how the Five Elements are applied to every facet of life.

We've got all the Elements within us, some are more dominant than others. Some express themselves at different times of day and moments in our lives. These teachings are so vast, I still consider myself a student as it really takes an entire lifetime to learn. This is why I created the blog and classes to show you this map, one step at a time.

So, let us first take a look at how there are Five Archetypes that apply to being a New Earth Pioneer with the Five Elements.


Wood Element, Season of Spring

The Visionary

Color: Green

Season: Spring

Organs: Liver, Gallbladder

Just as a seed doesn't need permission to sprout, neither do we. The Wood Element gives that seed the gumption to push through and grow no matter what. The Wood Element also gives us humans the potential to make changes, create a plan, take action, and make it happen! Yet, sometimes life thwarts our ability to grow in ways we might like.

We all have different visions for how to live our lives, and what is important, and of value. Some of us are lost and lack clarity for a true vision that feels in alignment with shifting this planet or living true to our hearts. We need the Wood Element to be balanced so we have a clear vision and feel flexible in our goals.

The Visionary is the archetype of the Wood Element and is the part of us that can wish to reimagine a new way of showing up. It is the facet of us that sees a plan, strategy, or goal and is compelled to see it to fruition. Without the Wood Element great feats such as finishing a degree, exploring the top of a mountain, building a house, and even winning a war are all made possible because of the Wood Element we carry within.

The Wood Element is the most dominant in Spring. The time of the seeds sprouting, life force burgeoning everywhere, and the need to take action is what we attune to this time of year. Needing to make a big change? Wait until Spring, when the Wood Element is primed to help you exact that change into the action you're envisioning. Any other time of year you won't have the support for your big plan like you will in the Spring.

The organs associated with the Wood Element are the Liver and Gallbladder. We need these organs to be healthy and free of toxins to see clearly the path that lies before us. The Liver not only converts our food into the essential building blocks we need but also converts our visions into the destiny we need to manifest. If we're feeling angry, frustrated, and forceful along our paths of life, the Liver and Gallbladder might be talking to you, helping you stay the true course of your soul's purpose.

When we are attuned to the Seasons, the Elements, and how they flow through nature and us humans, we can make empowered choices knowing that we are aligning with the natural rhythms of the Earth, just like our ancestors once did.

Fire Element

Fire Element, Season of Summer

The Community Builder

Color: Red

Season: Summer

Organs: Heart, Small Intestine

Our hearts are full of fiery passion that wants to extend and share our gifts, love, and laughter with the world. Without a feeling of purpose and a place to express our hearts in a good way, we'll lose that fire and feel disconnected from what matters most. We all want to feel like we belong and also feel like we've got good connections to those that are important to us. The Fire Element is what fosters joy, healthy relationships, and quality connections. The Fire is what allows us to love unconditionally, see the true needs of those we care about, and gives us the ability to express our innate gifts. Without the Fire Element, we'd lose our shine and desire to create a healthy community, harmony, and belonging.

The Fire Element is responsible for us writing a song, painting something beautiful, romancing our crush, and even the comedic part of ourselves. This Element is what brings us culture, dance, costumes, and entertainment. Without the Fire Element, we'd miss out on the rich cultural expressions we've come to appreciate in our travels.

The Fire Element is dominant in the Summer Season. No wonder we like to take our trips, play, and have fun experiences in the summertime. The Fire Element is stoking the flames of our hearts the most this time of year. We're so attuned to the rhythms of these elements. It is innate, organic, and something you already possess.

The organs associated with the Fire Element are the Heart and the Small Intestine. The Heart for the obvious expression of the fiery passions, the deep pain we might feel for another, and the feeling of heartbreak are all attributed to how the Fire's burning within. The Small Intestine is considered the wise counsel to the body. Sorting out the pure from the impure, not only in food but also in our thoughts and desires. If we've got negative thoughts running amuck, the small intestine is responsible for cleaning them up. Sometimes, irritable bowel syndrome is connected to emotions that have gotten stuck in the system when we can't hear our hearts clearly. The small intestine will take the brunt when our hearts have been hurt. Knowing how the two are connected can be key in making big life choices in matters of the heart.

When we've got an understanding of how each facet of our body, mind, and spirit are connected we develop an inner wisdom, strength, and trust in the cryptic signals that our body is telling us. We need to be able to feel, care, and have compassion to create harmony. The Fire Element is here to maintain a hearth for humanity and for our own precious hearts.

Earth Element

Earth Element, Season of Late Summer

The Steward

Color: Yellow/Brown

Season: Late Summer

Organs: Spleen, Stomach

The Earth Element is the part of us that has unshakable strength. The part that worries for others' needs, contemplates the stability of our futures. The Earth Element carries the concern of where we receive our nourishment in the form of food, but also relationships, careers, home life, and creature comforts. Without the Earth Element, we wouldn't be able to lounge on the couch easily, cozy up and cuddle with someone, or have the desire to steward and take care of things around us.

Each person takes care of this earth in their own unique way. Some of us are natural caretakers and mothers. Others are gardeners, foodies, foragers, hunters, homesteaders, and all-around stewards of something or someone. Some of us care for social issues, homelessness, the poor, the sick, and the displaced. Some of us care about our food sovereignty, the animals that suffer, or the pollution contaminating our only home. Without the Earth Element, we'd not have a care in the world about any of it. We all have a way in which we choose to care and take care of those around us and this earth.

We need the Earth Element to help us feel strong and unshakable like a mountain. Without a strong foundation within we'll feel pretty shaky, unstable, uncentered, and unable to support others. We'll neglect what matters or feel like there is no end in sight to feel comfortable in our own skin, our place in this world, or our relationships. Knowing how to tend to our Earth's Element within is invaluable to creating a solid world around us.

The Steward is the Archetype of the Earth Element. The part of us that sees what needs to be tended to. All of the societal support in the form of food stamps, healthcare, free schooling, shelters, volunteers, nonprofits, and nature preserves are all examples of how the Earth Element has guided humanity to take care of one another. Could we be doing a better job? Absolutely! That's why our ancestors built the map of the Five Elements, so we didn't forget how to take care of this world and live in harmony with it and each other.

The organs associated with the Earth Element are the Stomach and the Spleen. Both are responsible for processing our thoughts, worries, and mental anguish we might feel at times. We will mull over our concerns for the future, our stability, and future securities. That's the Earth Element assessing the stability inside of us and outside of us. The caretakers of the planet are attuned to this element, giving them the ability to support another in their time of need. Without the Earth Element, our deep desire to care for another would not exist. The Stomach and the Spleen are responsible for not only digesting our emotions but also our food. The nourishment we take in physically and mentally is what gives us that stability. What happens if our nourishment is affected when the soil no longer can sustain life? A pretty unstable Earth Element in a lot of people on a global level. Perhaps we need to learn how our ancestors kept their Earth Element stable during times of strife.

The season associated with the Earth Element is Late Summer. This is something most people don't recognize as other cultures such as Northern Europe and the Native Americans use the Four Elements as their guidance system and therefore Four Seasons. However, in observing the energy and how it shifts inside of us and on the planet, the Taoist Philosophers saw that there was a Fifth Season.

In Summertime, the energy is expansive, outward, and playful. In the Late Summer, the energy shifts from that expressiveness into stillness. Everything is swollen with fruit, the grass is brown, and all of life seems to start to slow down. There is a stark energetic difference between Summer and Late Summer. I invite you to observe this shift around the beginning of August, depending on where you are on the planet. Living here in Hawaii, I see this shift very easily even though I'm in the tropics.

The Earth Element gives us the permission to pause, savor, and delight in the wonderment of abundance that this Earth provides. It is the part of us that sees gratitude for the abundance that is around us and appreciates all the people, plants, animals and elements that made it possible.

Metal Element

Fall Element, Season of Fall

The Value Seeker

Color: White/Purple

Season: Fall

Organs: Lungs, Colon

We all long to feel seen, heard, valued, and appreciated. Without the Metal Element, we wouldn't be able to marvel at art, appreciate a clean home, or have self-respect, or pride in what we do. We need the Metal Element to discern what is of value and what is not to move forward and make a change. Respect, value, self-worth, regard, and reverence are what the Metal Element wants to help us validate.

The Metal Element helps us see the value in difficult situations and creates a sanctuary within ourselves where we can develop our own spiritual connection to the unseen. Without the Metal Element's luminous reflections, we'd likely see this world as a pretty tarnished place. When this Element is polished and shining within we see the beauty in this world and have the capacity to appreciate and value that which is of quality in our life.

The Metal Element is dominant in the Fall Season. A time of letting go, and learning from the trees. A time to discern what is truly valuable for our lives and what is not. Before heading into the Winter season, we get a moment to reflect on what we've learned, how we've grown, and what makes us shine. Without the Metal Element, we'd lose touch with this value, disregarding those around us, and having no sense of sanctuary and peace.

The Organs associated with the Metal Element are the Lungs and the Colon. These two work in tandem to breathe in clean, pure spiritual insight and let go of the waste that no longer serves us in the form of food, thoughts, and emotions.

The Metal Element helps us to maintain a sense of decency, cleanliness, respect, appreciation, and worthiness in this life. When we have attuned to this Element we can see how if it is not polished that judgment, self-loathing, shame, abuse, manipulation, desecration, and tarnishment happen.

The Metal Element is the foundation of our spiritual practices on this planet. Without it, we'd not turn to the heavens questioning our existence, praying to the unknown, or heading out on spiritual quests to discover our true light within. Having this knowledge of maintaining harmony on this planet and inside our own little personal cosmos gives us an internal guidance system of how to navigate our lives and make important choices.

Water Element

Water Element, Season of Winter

The Investigator of Truth

Color: Blue/Black

Season: Winter

Organs: Kidney, Bladder

Oh the depths that this Water Element can take us! The Water Element holds our innate wisdom, our gut instinct, the messages in our dreams, and the power to persevere. If you've survived a major life crisis, near-death experience, or even board exams, then you've got the Water Element to thank. We've got the fortitude to keep going, to dig our heels in, and find that inner strength within to surmount our life hurdles because of the element of Water.

The Water Element is responsible for our quest for knowledge and the truth, the part of us that questions the surface of things. Without the water element, we'd have no vitality, energy to push through, or curiosity to learn. Diving into the depths of the unknown, and braving our quests with willpower and perseverance are all attributed to the Water Element.

The time of year that Water dominates is the Winter Season. This is our dream time when we are sleeping more and gaining wisdom from the depths of our psyche. The time of year to replenish our own water reserves that we burned up with all of our activity in the growing months. It's the time of year when we must go within to tap into the deep recesses within ourselves. If we don't have clean waters coursing through us depression can take hold and a lack of fortitude to persevere.

The organs associated with the Water Element are the Bladder and the Kidney. They are responsible for maintaining the steady flow of water throughout our body, but also our emotions, thoughts, and intuitions. If we're struggling with anxiety, nightmares, swelling, headaches, or even sexual issues the Kidneys and Bladder are fighting hard to maintain the water within. Instead of flowing like a babbling brook, our waters inside might feel like an undulating sea. The feeling of being tossed about, out of control, and in fear is what the Kidneys and Bladder work so hard to maintain. We can thank them after dealing with a high-stress situation.

The Water Element gives us the capacity to see beneath the surface of situations and find the wisdom to navigate with inner knowing. The philosophers, sages, scholars, and inventors all needed the Water Element to bring to the surface the knowledge that they felt within. Without the Water Element, we wouldn't have explored the stars or discovered math or even developed an understanding of what these Five Elements are, to begin with.


We've Already Got a Map

Each Element corresponds to a facet of our world to guide us into better balance. Not only for ourselves personally, but also for this world collectively. There is so much to share as to how our ancestors created a map with these Five Elements to reimagine our futures into better balance. So much, in fact, that the New Earth Pioneer Virtual Retreat Experience is a true journey that takes time to cultivate, learn, integrate, and foster into your world. I share these Five Elements with you in bites over time, so you can really apply them to every facet of your life. They are that important!

I hope you can see how our Ancestors have a map to help us navigate our world, relationships, health, and dreams to maintain harmony on this earth and with each other. If something existed thousands of years ago that worked, then why would we reinvent the wheel? Why not apply this map to our modern world and let our wise Taoist elders show the way?

Keep Learning...

New Earth Pioneer Quiz

What kind of New Earth Pioneer are You?

I've got a fun quiz to spark your curiosity about how the Five Elements are here to help guide you to get a better understanding of what kind of Element you embody in how you care about reimagining a New Earth.


Free Introductory Class

New Earth Pioneer Introductory Class, Free Class

Introduction to the Five Elements

In this 90-minute class, you'll be introduced to the Five Elements and how they can be used to help you learn about your body, your connection to others, this planet, and your health. There's so much to share that I created this as a way to dip a toe before you dive into the New Earth Pioneer experience. You receive some bonus surprises too!

The Map is in YOU!!

This map from our Ancestors is already inside of you. It's there, lying dormant in the dark depths of your soul, waiting to be activated. I'd love to take you on the journey of the New Earth Pioneer, to help you activate your most empowered, authentic self so that you can reimagine how you'd show up to help contribute to shifting this planet back into harmony. Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony for over 2000 years. It is possible for us to do it again!

New Earth Pioneer Virtual Retreat, Online Learning, Five Elements, Sahara Sun

Sahara Sun, Intuitive Healer, Five Element Acupuncturist, Shamanic Practitioner, Maui, Hawaii

Sahara is a dedicated healer practicing Five Element Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Shamanic Healing, and Counseling spanning two decades. No matter the life circumstance of illness, wounds, traumas, disappointments, and pressures, they all contribute to whether we feel like we are surviving or thriving. She has dedicated herself to providing a fully immersive experience of healing ALL of you.

Sahara offers Immersive Healing Sessions Online to dive deep into the body, mind, and spirit of your healing journey. She also works privately from her home practice in Makawao, Hawaii offering Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Shamanic Spiritual Healing. To learn more about Sahara's healing work, click the button below and schedule online.


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