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Attention Earth Stewards!

Seven Reasons Why We Need a Map to Navigate this Tricky World.

Aloha and Welcome, New Earth Pioneer!

If you've landed on this blog that means you're likely looking for a way to feel like you're living as part of the solutions in hopes to create a better world during our global crisis. I believe, most of us innately wish to see the creatures, landscapes, and people all thriving in harmony and balance. So many of us wish we could show up differently in our day-to-day, but it is hard with so many expectations obligations, and pressures. How do we navigate out of our current life circumstances and into a more authentic way of living, where we've got the skillsets to make empowering choices towards a reimagined more sustainable future? In this blog, I'll be sharing with you seven reasons why I feel our Ancestors have a map that we can use to reimagine how we live, engage, heal, and learn to thrive on this planet once again.

I prefer to live quietly in nature, yet there is a calling in me to share these ancient teachings. You see, I feel it would be selfish of me to harbor this valuable information when I, myself, have found such value in these teachings as a Five Element Acupuncturist and Shamanic Practitioner for over twenty years now. I could also see how we, as a humanity, need our ancestors' teachings to help reveal the imbalance happening on this planet. With the combination of my botanical background, medicine/science background, energy healing training, acupuncture training, indigenous wisdom, and rights of initiation, in addition to experiencing several near-death experiences, a map was formed within myself as to how we could reimagine a new way of showing up on this earth.

I've been living by this map for over a decade and still continue to use it to navigate my life by creating self-empowerment and mindful intentions each day. This map is honestly what has kept me going and has shown me how to navigate really hard stuff in my life. I share some of that with you in my book, Heart Broke Open.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

I believe we've all got to reach a moment in our life where we realize we've got to take a step towards doing something towards helping our planet that is in peril. My own personal pain and the need to help the land, waters, plants, animals, and people that are affected by living in this modern society began to outweigh the complacency of doing nothing. We try to recycle, compost, conserve water, and change our diets. Somehow, deep inside, I feel most of us don't feel that is enough. But what can we do instead?

Here's the trick. Change is ever evolving, morphing, expanding, and contracting until one day, we realize that change had happened. Change doesn't happen from point A to point B. And we're often unaware of the change until hindsight.

The wisdom our Ancestors hold for us to reimagine our future cannot be found on a two-dimensional map. Nor is it something we're going to look outside of ourselves to find. This information isn't meant for YouTube, Social Media, or blasting out for all to hear. Its message is far too important and deserves respect and reverence for the wisdom it contains. That is the invitation! To find reverence again in our lives, for this earth, and for each other.

I cannot show you this map, but rather show you the way to find it for yourself. This isn't about me telling you how to think. This is about activating the innate wisdom you were already born with so that you can start living in harmony with this earth like you've never known before.

So, how does one show a map, that can only be found from within?

One Breath at a Time.

One Step at a Time.

One Intention at a Time.

One Layer at a Time.

Seven Reasons Why We Need a Map.

1. We Need a Common Ground

When the pandemic hit, I saw so many people feeling like this was a giant, global reset. They were excited for the authentic change to happen, now that we had some time to sit with where our life was going and why during the lockdown. People tried to make some changes. But without a map of how we could show up differently in our thoughts, intentions, actions, and words, the world just kind of fell back into place. Except we somehow didn't go back exactly into the same cogs of the wheel as before, so now it feels like we're spinning lopsided as a collective humanity. We certainly aren't spinning through space with ease and grace, but rather a catawampus hurling into our demise. It seems like that somedays, doesn't it?

We need a map that we all can be using (or at least enough of us to create a collective shift) so that when you are ready to make a change, face your fears, step into courage, and act with your most empowered badass self, you will have an internal guidance system to help you navigate. This is the number one reason I essentially taught myself how to produce an online class over the last two years. You're worth it and so is this planet!

2. We wish for our children to be more prepared for uncertain times ahead.

Let's admit it, we've gotten soft. With so many modern conveniences most see no reason to establish a deeper relationship with the earth. However, when economies crumble, the soil has desertified and cannot provide life, natural disasters take away those modern conveniences or our global population no longer makes resources accessible to everyone, what shall we do? What shall the children who have never held a shovel or understand what food is in season and how to prepare it do? What shall we do when a medicine isn't available to us, but there is a plethora of it all around us in nature but no knowledge of how to obtain it? What shall we do if we don't know how to prepare basic ingredients from scratch or get resourceful with what we do have?

The system has created a lot of people dependent on the system. If the system crumbles, then what? We can't always rely on food deliveries, packaged and prepared foods, or two-day delivery. The earth doesn't have the carrying capacity to maintain the precedented lifestyle known as consumerism. You, dear reader, know this. We need a map to help people find the self-empowered activation necessary to start teaching themselves how to live more resourceful to spare the earth's resources.

3. Purchasing Power also has a way to Self-Empower

I had gone through almost a decade of major hardship that significantly impacted my finances. I felt like I was living in the Great Depression! Trying to buy food that was already prepared became a huge hit to my budget. I knew that if I learned how to make some of these things myself that could reduce my grocery budget. After buying a bag of steel-cut oats and making milk with them for the first time, I realized it cost me about $.30 for 8 cups of milk!! WTH!! I was angry.

I started to make something from scratch each week. And with each new self-empowering skill set I learned, I got even angrier at the corporations. They're disempowering us with their modern conveniences and causing us to get more and more bound into the system. I'd learn how to make my own bread and discover it cost me only a few dollars per loaf versus $10 or more. I discovered my body started to respond in kind. I believe I lost 44 lbs because I stopped buying food from corporations that were full of mislabeled chemicals, preservatives, dyes, poor agricultural practices, and price gouged simply because we've become inept to make it ourselves. My body started to respond in kind with these changes toward self-empowerment.

Ketchup, jelly, almond milk, crackers, dips, spreads, spice mixes, and homemade drinks replaced all those boxes, packaging, and plastic containers, too. Cleaning products, lotions, toothpaste, and stain spray became part of my repertoire. I'm still teaching myself something with a monthly goal to learn a new self-empowering skill set. It is addictive, I tell ya!

I decided to start to ween myself off corporations as best as I could. I've been making all my food from scratch for over twenty years. I realized how much they are price gouging us while simultaneously causing us to lose any self-reliance or skills that help us learn to survive in our environment.

Part of the New Earth Pioneer journey is to help you unravel what has got you feeling disempowered, so you, too, can apply the skills and talents that you are good at. Not everyone is going to be able to make food from scratch AND there are so many other things we need to reclaim for our survival in our reimagined future outside of corporate greed and unethical business practices.

4. We want to be a part of the change, but aren't quite exactly sure how.

We were born into a world that immediately told us how to be without giving us a chance to blossom into who we are meant to become. We go through the modicum of successes based upon our family or cultural expectations only to discover that life curve balls have shattered the illusion. As we get older, we realize that we've been operating based on someone else's idea of who we needed to be. The subterfuge of being complacent to modern consumerism is daunting to disentangle.

My point is that we need each other to break our bad consumeristic habits. We need accountability partners, space to process our beliefs and wounds around the choices we make, and the opportunity to move past the oppressive expectations and into the expansive awareness that we were made to be experiencing this earth differently.

There is so much to unravel in the psyche, habits, pressures, and desires. We all need support to get out of living like we're in the rat race of consumption. We can't do it without the map. If we aren't able to energetically see where we are bound, we'll continue to perpetuate the same problems. It may not seem like purchasing power has anything to do with our transformation to live authentically and empowered, but it does. You'll have to answer the call of the New Earth Pioneer journey to understand how.

5. We deeply wish to have more meaningful and authentic connections.

Can we say conflict avoidance, anyone? How many people do you know who either don't know how to communicate, avoid conflict, violently communicate, or manipulate in relationships? Codependency, childhood traumas, addictions, unrequited dreams, and deeply held beliefs all create a cacophony of miscommunication. It's getting worse, too. Texting, IMing, DMing, Hashtagging, Ghosting, and Gaslighting are the lovely new ways we get to either avoid communication, not authentically connect, not get our own needs met, stay in an unhealthy dynamic, or continue to stay living in negative energy.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a guidance system on how to communicate differently? How are we going to live differently with one another as a family, community, and workplace, if we don't have healthy, mindful, conscious skills to help communicate with kindness and clarity so that we are honoring ourselves and another in the process? How are we going to create a harmonious world without the ability to understand energy and what is going on in a relationship dynamic?

6. Our Health and Well-Being Need More Support.

I had gone through the rabbit hole of Western Medicine being misdiagnosed with a myriad of labels for over 20 years until I finally received a legit diagnosis. The point is, I've been in the trenches of how society treats a person that falls ill, is handicapped, is disabled, or whose support system crumbles. It takes so much courage, fortitude, resiliency, and wherewithal to know how to navigate the western medical system, especially when you are ill. And there's no real bridge to holistic health. You've somehow got to fight for your right to seek another way. Admonishment of holistic health care and a lack of education to help a patient know where to even go for additional support is often a person's experience that is caught in the medical system. That in and of itself makes one feel unsupported, lost, abandoned, and on their own to navigate their health crisis.

There's also no real communication in the Western Medical world. You're scheduled for surgery. They tell you everything you need to hear prior to the surgery and that you'll be right as rain after 8 weeks. What they don't tell you about is the lingering traumas that exist in the recovery process from dealing with the toxicity of anesthesia, fatigue, restless sleep, depression, isolation, and more. Every patient I see who has had a "Western Medical Experience" is dealing with a PTSD trauma that was never even acknowledged until they are seen for holistic health.

Now that I've made it out of my own healing crisis, I see how easy it is to be bound in the medical system without knowing or understanding how to navigate it. This is, in part, why we need this map. To understand our body better, to give ourselves permission to listen to what we need rather than getting caught up in feeling disempowered with no real support in the process.

7. We Want to Be Prepared for Change

When resources become scarce we either get creative or get complacent. If we feel empowered, resilient, flexible, and curious then when things change in our world due to global issues at play we're going to feel like we've got the capacity to think outside the box for our survival and comfort. If we're feeling dependent on the system for our food, clothing, shelter, and validation of who we are in this world, then we're going to panic rather than find the fortitude and courage to reimagine how we can do things differently.

So there you have it!! The seven reasons WHY we need a map is so that we can unravel ourselves out of what is not in alignment to live authentically, real, and with regard to ourselves, each other, and this earth.

The Invitation of the New Earth Pioneer is this:

To learn how our Ancestors once understood energy, balance, healing, and reverence for this Earth and how they were able to live in balance for over 2000 years. To Awaken this innate connection we all possess with each other and this earth, but have never been taught in our lifetime. To Empower ourselves by learning to live in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth and finding the empowerment to learn what calls us. And finally, because we have activated these ancient teachings from within our own authentic expression, we've learned how to navigate the challenges of our life and this planet with unshakable strength as a New Earth Pioneer.

The Map is in YOU!!

This map from our Ancestors is already inside of you. It's there, lying dormant in the dark depths of your soul, waiting to be activated.

I'd love to take you on the journey of the New Earth Pioneer, to help you activate your most empowered, authentic self so that you can reimagine how you'd show up to help contribute to shifting this planet back into harmony. Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony for over 2000 years. It is possible for us to do it again!

Click the #NewEarthPioneer button below to learn more about the journey to discover how you can put your authenticity into action.


Sahara has a plethora of skills to help you discover your authentic nature, so you feel like you are living again. No matter the life circumstance of illness, wounds, traumas, disappointments, and pressures, they all contribute to whether we feel like we are surviving or thriving.

Sahara offers Immersive Healing Sessions Online to dive deep into the body, mind, and spirit of your healing journey. She also works privately from her home practice in Makawao, Hawaii offering Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Shamanic Spiritual Healing. She has served as a healer for almost 20 years and now has woven it all together into an online experience, taken at your pace to help you awaken and activate your most empowered self to pioneer a New Earth Reimagined. To learn more about Sahara's healing work, click the button below and schedule online.


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