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Kids and Pets: How Sahara's healing work can help your little one

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I love working with kids! The two-legged and the four-legged kind. A Five Element Consult can help you understand them at a level you never thought possible.

Your child is giving you important clues about their overall health.

Each person is unique in their personality, constitution, physical limitations, and emotional states of being. As a child or a pet, they have yet to learn how to understand what they experience or how to properly communicate that to you. As a parent, you are learning how to help your child and read into their emotions, strange physical symptoms, and what means balance to them.

The Five Elements system of Chinese Medicine can be an important tool to decipher your child's unique way of being in this world. Their personality is connected to their physical makeup. Their emotions will help you to know what is actually out of balance. Check out the unique way the elements are expressed in your child below.


How can a Five Element Consultation Help?

  1. Learn your child's unique flow and rhythm that keeps them balanced

  2. Explore foods that best suit their unique symptoms

  3. Understand how to guide your child according to their Element

  4. Resolve communication breakdowns, behavioral patterns, and reoccurring health issues

  5. Empower yourself with information to help parent your child to the best of your ability.

Sahara works with children and pets worldwide. Schedule your session online for a Pediatric Consultation via Zoom or in person on Maui. For more information or to see if this healing work could help your child please email


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