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Deciphering the Cryptic Signals of a Child Using the Five Elements

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Children can be hard to read. One minute they seem to be content and well-behaved. The next minute, they can fall down a slippery slope of emotional upsets, physical injuries, defiance, or even depression. They are growing up in such a challenging time. There are important tools that parents, teachers, and mentors can use to help understand what is going on beneath the surface for a child.

One way to help the entire family navigate supporting each other is to learn the type of Element your child embodies. When we can relate to the nature of a person, it helps us to offer authentic support that they are asking for and needing. How can we really support another if we don't understand what they are asking? Are they asking for reassurance? Support? Validation? Camaraderie? Space? Nurturance?

The Five Elements are based upon an ancient system of Taoist philosophy that uses nature to teach us how to heal, live in balance, and maintain relationships. The ancient Taoist philosophers intimately watched nature to teach us, humans, how to understand our uniqueness. Nature teaches us when it is time to rest, be creative, get angry, or let go. When we can understand the nature of our being we have the tools to better take care of ourselves.

Children have a harder time conveying what is going on for them. They don't have the vocabulary to explain what they are experiencing. They also haven't learned the self-control they might need to take better care of themselves. As adults in their world, we want to guide our young ones down a path that helps them to blossom into their best selves. How can we do that if we don't understand what is going on in their world? When we have tools to help identify their nature we are better able to support them.

When we have health issues, they will often express the imbalance emotionally, first, before presenting on the physical level. As a Five Element Acupuncturist, studying the intricate nature of a person is part of learning self-care, healthy boundaries, and health choices that are unique to your elemental nature. Someone having a small tumble may not be affected by others witnessing the fall. Another person could be completely mortified and embarrassed.

Their Elemental Nature helps explain why we each respond uniquely to varying situations. When our elements get out of balance we will present different emotional, behavioral, and physical patterns. Check out the Five Elemental Types for children below. It will give you a small insight into how the Five Elements can help you relate to those around you so much more.

I've been working with kids and parents for over a decade to get to the bottom of the cryptic signals your little one may not be able to communicate to you.

In the New Earth Pioneer Masterclasses, we take a deep dive into how the Elements give us a guidance system to better understand the children in our lives.

The Five Elements are a great guidance system to help you tend to your child's growth so they learn to thrive on their own.

Check out my FREE Introductory Class where you can learn more about how the Five Elements can give you the empowering skillsets to guide your child in the right direction.


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