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It's People Pleaser Time! Assess Yourself During the Late Summer Season with Three Questions.

The Late-Summer Season is upon us! My favorite time of year to bask in the sun-soaked earth and really hunker down and assess, as a New Earth Pioneer, whether or not I'm feeling unshakable in my mind, body, and emotions. Based upon the ancient teachings of the #FiveElements we've entered into the season of the Earth Element. The Earth Element is the quintessential representation of balance. In this blog, I'll be sharing with you how the Late Summer Season teaches us how to assess the people-pleaser in us with Three Questions to consider this time of year. But first, let's explore what the Earth Element really is about on this earth and in us.

So, how do we use this time of year to help us become better people, healthier, and feel supported in the process?

Sahara Sun adorned in flowers at Poli Poli on Maui Hawaii
Celebrating Late Summer Season, my favorite time of year!

Don't we all dream of being an empowered badass that feels like we can move through any challenge, obstacle, or worry with steadfast strength? You know that relentless drive to show up being the one that can do it all seemingly with endless resources at our disposal? Did you figure out the hard way, too, that being the people pleaser isn't sustainable?

When I was younger, I sure felt the pressures to please, conform, and sacrifice my own needs for something I thought was more important. The need to push through, be available to everyone, worry about everyone, make sure everyone was taken care of, and look like I had it all together came at a price. We've all done this charade at one point in our lives only to discover it wasn't sustainable for our own survival and happiness. I now understand that a solid strength to navigate all the things we worry about is maintained and tended to, like the Earth herself. I wouldn't have been able to shore up my own personal boundaries for better self-care without the wisdom of the Earth Element.

Unshakable strength isn't something we can seek outside of ourselves. It isn't something we have to dive deep to get either. Think of a mountain, lying still and unmoving for thousands of years. That is some serious patience, to be unshakable without having to change anything about the circumstances. That is the Earth Element, the capacity to be unwavering in the face of hardship. To have strong healthy boundaries when needed, to be unmoving when warranted, and to trust in the abundance that is right before us.

When we've got the best of the Earth Element coursing through we feel solid, nonreactionary, accepting, allowing, and patient.

We use the wisdom given by the Earth Element to help understand our energetic blueprint along the New Earth Pioneer journey, the self-directed online experience I created to help you stand unshakable like a mountain. Why? Because I feel this world has gotten so out of balance that we've got to turn to our ancestors to learn what living in balance once looked like.

The Earth Element teaches us how to embody a solidity and trust in the future and trust in ourselves. One of the Ten Intentions I offer using these Five Elements during the New Earth Pioneer journey is to become unshakable like a mountain by learning how to activate the Earth Element within you and use it to create balance, harmony, and support, while shifting where we do have abundance coming from the Earth herself.

Earth Balanced vs Imbalanced

A balanced Earth Element feels solid, stable, supportive, calm, and trusting in the future. The Earth herself flourishes easily and everyone around is taken care of in their needs. The plants, critters, people, and places all feel okay when the Earth Element is balanced all around us. Our sense of security, stability and a hopeful future will seemingly disappear when the Earth Element becomes out of balance.

If the Earth's Element isn't balanced in nature, we will see mudslides, floods, avalanches, and earthquakes. If the Earth Element isn't balanced within us, we're going to find ourselves standing on the shakey ground with worry, anxiety, and pensiveness about the looming horrors of the planet and our survival. Those endless nights of reeling in thoughts about the future will overtake our authentic nature, dim our light, make us energetically hangry, and cause us to feel like there are no resources of support in our world. It will affect our ability to digest food, exercise, make quick decisions, or create healthy change. I always think of the Willie Nelson song, #WorriedMan when it comes to the Earth Element crying out for help.

So, how do we use the Five Elements to maintain balance, especially during the Late Summer Season?

First, we've got to understand what is happening energetically to be able to use it to create that unshakable strength, solidity, support, and abundance in our lives. During the Fire Season, I shared with you Three Fire Stoking Tips to help you during summertime. The Fire Element is an outward expressing element. Fire likes to spread to anything it touches, and so does love, joy, and laughter. All of those emotions are catching, just like Fire. That outward energy is now shifting as we move into late summer, the Earth Element Season.

Blue Sky, Yellow Meadow of grass
Earth Element: Late Summer, Yellow, Comfort, Support, Stillness

During the Late Summer Season, you will notice a stillness start to settle in. It's quieter in the evenings. When walking in nature there isn't as much action, but rather the hot lazy days of late summer. The trees and flowers almost feel like they've stopped growing. The Earth radiates heat more so than the strength of the sun beating down upon us as it does in the Fire Season. There is a glow to everything in the colors of yellows and browns as the energy of the plants is now being directed into the form of fruit rather than green growth. The color of the Earth Element is yellow for this reason.

We'll start to embody the energy of the Earth Element without even realizing we're doing it this time of year. Our projects and desire to get things done or make things happen are now waning. We feel lazier, slower, and chill. We might even find ourselves drawn to wear yellows, browns, golds, and oranges. That's because when we enter into the time of year when the Earth Element is strongest we start to embody the energy unconsciously.

If we are in tune with the Earth element, a stillness washes over everything around us, within us, and we start to fill ourselves with the abundance that is all around. Like a nursing mother lulling her baby to sleep, there is comforting quiet happening everywhere. We want to mellow out, eat yummy summer fruits, and make sure we've got all the supplies we need going into the fall and winter months.

Metronome swinging with sheet music in the foreground
The energy of the earth during late summer is like the pause of a pendulum right before it shifts in the other direction.

Think of the seasons like a pendulum swing or metronome. There is a momentary pause right before it swings back towards the other direction. We swing from the outward expression of energy in the summer to the inward expression of energy in the winter. That pause before the shift is the Late Summer Season.

This is the moment to really take in all your hard work, to savor the rewards that have

come from it, and cherish the unexpected gifts along the way. No one savors something while in motion. We have to stop in our tracks to really take in something special. There are a lot of things in this world that are very special, fleeting, and hard-won. The Earth Element invites us to stop, smell the roses, lavish in the bounty of our life, and delight in all the gifts she's worked so hard to produce this year.

With that pause, we get to assess how grounded, solid and centered we really are. Do you feel unshakable?

Here are three questions I'll use to assess the health of my Earth Element during the Late Summer Season:

  1. Where in my life am I telling myself there is a lack? Is there a way I could see abundance and support in the situation?

  2. What am I thinking about just before or after sleep? Whatever that is, I know it is the worry in my life asking me to address it. Whatever I'm worried about, I'll use the Earth Element to help me reveal what's buried beneath the surface of my worry.

  3. Where am I stuck in my ways, unyielding to change? The Earth within can be stubborn, refusing to see a circumstance from a new vantage, or unable to see compromise so change can take place. When we slow down, sit still enough to let something settle, and give ourselves space to assess where we might be stubborn, the Earth Element has an uncanny way of creating a movement where we least expected.

I have felt so grateful to have the Five Elements to help me navigate my own life crisis or when I myself have felt the ground beneath me tremble and quack with life curveballs. I use the Five Elements in my daily life, my healing practice, and my relationships. I use it to help me understand conflict. I use it to tell me what to eat, when to sleep, how to play, what kind of exercise I need, how to assess my own emotional turmoils, and more. As a Traditional Five Element Acupuncturist, this medicine works far beyond the needles. The Elements once served as a way to live in harmony for over 2000 years. As our global crisis continues to unfold, I could see how we need this wisdom from our ancestors to discover a new way to live again.

We've lost our ability to live in harmony, to know what it feels like to be unshakable with so many unknowns before us globally. Seeing how the Five Elements can help us during our global crisis is why I dedicated myself to offering the New Earth Pioneer online experience.

If we have the same skillsets to interpret energy and know what it means when it is balanced and out of balanced, we'll be able to make those self-empowered choices and feel unshakable like a mountain. Imagine if we all had this map that our ancestors used to help us reimagine how we show up on this planet, in harmony with the Earth, in harmony within ourselves, and in harmony with each other.

This time of year, I invite you to assess how abundant your life really is. I'll say to myself, "If you've got a roof over your head, food in your belly, clean water, and a bed to sleep in at night, you're doing pretty fabulous compared to a lot of other people on the planet." Sometimes all we need is a little perspective shift to see that sometimes are worries are coming from a place of lack rather than a place of abundance. If we look for it, abundance is everywhere.


I've made these ancient teachings accessible so that anyone can find that empowered, unshakable strength to feel like you can move through your worries, become proactive, feel like you've got a purpose, and are creating a life that feels part of the solutions.

When we attune ourselves to the natural frequencies of this earth, we're aligning ourselves to draw into our reality a world that is balanced, kind, supportive, and nourishing. Our Ancestors knew how to live in harmony. We've forgotten in this modern lifestyle.

Flower Lei in the shape of a heart as an offering to the mountain of Mauna Kea, laying on lava rock
Sacred offering to the tallest mountain on earth, Mauna Kea where I got the phrase from the Hawaiian people fighting to protect this precious mountain, "Unshakable like a Mountain."

The Earth really does want to support us in living abundantly and in harmony for our own personal lives and for the collective world around us. I believe, that when enough of us have the skill sets to cultivate balance in our own worlds, we're going to create a ripple effect of balance throughout the rest of the world. It's an individual job, but a collective undertaking to reimagine our futures as New Earth Pioneers!

The New Earth Pioneer journey is a catered online experience that is automated over time for you to take at your pace through your phone while on the go or on your computer in the comfort of home.

If you are curious to learn more about how the Five Elements help to guide me in my daily life, I invite you to check out the Free Introductory Class I'm offering for a limited time. Get yourself initiated to learn how the Five Elements can help you activate your most authentic self for your best life and for our global crisis.


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