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You Want Me to Put What, Where!?! How colonics and coffee enemas can reverse accumulation of toxins

Okay, okay, I know this is a squeamish subject. Putting something up your bum feels vulnerable, embarrassing, and something preferred to be avoided. At least that is how I felt for the longest time. I felt like nothing should be going in backward, into an organ that is meant to be flushing things out.

It is easy to "poo-poo" the idea. When I finally acquiesced after the umpteenth suggestion, I realized that my body needed help. I was willing to try anything.

Colonics and Coffee Enemas are excellent ways to keep yourself from getting bogged down with pollutants, toxins, and inflammation.

Emotions too!

What's a Colonic?

I started out first getting colon hydrotherapy, aka 'colonics' after treatment for Lyme disease. I knew I had a problem when I sat in a sauna for the first time after treatment. My sweat came out of me like glue! Totally freaked out with the state of my body, I knew I needed to purge some serious toxins.

When you get sick enough, you are willing to try just about anything. Ultimately, that is where I ended up. My body was such a mess from Lyme disease treatments, pharmaceuticals, neurotoxins, and being too sick to work up a sweat. My body had become a toxic waste-haven. Even though I felt like I was doing everything right to take care of myself, I still felt toxic.

So, I finally made my first appointment to see a Colon Hydrotherapist.

A certified Colon Hydrotherapist is trained to offer this service (see directory). Colon Hydrotherapy is essentially a machine that pumps water into your colon, rectally over the course of about 45 minutes. Colon Hydrotherapy is about 5 gallons of water flushing you out. It is like a beefier version of the coffee enema, which uses about 4 cups of water. What makes coffee enemas so different is the coffee. What makes a colonic unique is that it uses copious amounts of water to flush out your gastrointestinal tract.

I discovered colonics are better to flush out the gut with gastrointestinal issues, gut flora problems, IBS, Chrones, and chronic constipation. Whereas coffee enemas are better to flush out the liver and remove waste material bound in the tissues.

When you get a colonic, you are at a facility set up for the 'procedure'. The colon hydrotherapist takes care of everything. No mess, and you walk away feeling cleaned out. The problem was that, for me, over time, it became expensive.

Whats a Colema Board?

I wanted a way to do this from home. So, I bought a Colema Board: an at-home colonic system you do from the comfort of your home. After doing at-home colonics for about two years, I lost the Colema Board (that's another story). While I had it, I found it to be even more effective than going to receive a colonic. Being at home allowed me to have meditative music allowing me to sink into the process, and really work with my body to release toxins, bugs, and emotions that were backed up. When I was receiving the colon hydrotherapy, I found myself always gabbing away to the practitioner, never really having that deep experience I discovered at home.

Having lost a small investment in the colema board, I didn't want to purchase another one. So, I went to the cheaper option by getting enema supplies and beginning a new routine with coffee enemas. Even though I'd say that I am in full remission of chronic Lyme disease (woohoo!), giving myself a coffee enema is still part of my weekly self-care.

What is a Coffee Enema?

An enema is when you are using high-quality water that has been cooked with organic green coffee. This decoction of green coffee (raw), is cooled to room temperature, and that becomes the liquid use to put into the enema bag. When you administer the coffee enema, the fluid begins to flush out any byproducts, toxins, or stuck fecal material. I know this may seem gross, but think about how all that gunk impacts our ability to keep everything else functioning smoothly.

I've included my favorite supplies that I choose to acquire on Amazon. You can easily find enema bags at your local pharmacy and the green coffee at a local health food store.

Why Green Coffee?

The use of coffee enemas is part of Gerson Therapy to treat cancer and other serious illness. Its purpose is to stimulate the liver to flush out toxins.

Green coffee acts as a natural astringent in the colon (check out the journal publication here). You know when you've eaten a lemon it makes you pucker your lips and your mouth feel tingly? The same happens inside the colon. This contraction and release inside the colon act as a manual pump. The blood vessels that line the colon are connected to the same blood supply as the liver, known as the hepatic portal system (check out this diagram).

When the coffee hits the tissue in the colon it begins to also pull toxins out of the liver. I'll feel a "woosh" when I know that the coffee has started its effects on the liver.

Taking 45 minutes out of your day to practice this self-care can have lasting effects on your energy, alertness, clarity of mind, and overall gut health. Always finish any of these types of treatments with a probiotic. Putting your health maintenance in your own hands is empowering.

When I start to feel sluggish, I know it is time for my self-care routine, which includes the coffee enema.

There are many reasons why a colonic or a coffee enema may NOT be right for you. If you'd like to learn more or find out if a coffee enema is right for you,

email Sahara at to schedule an appointment or ask your healthcare provider.

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Sahara Sun is a licensed Five Element Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer, Author, Artist, and Educator. She works worldwide offering online Telehealth Sessions addressing the body, mind, and spirit of a person. She weaves her knowledge of science, natural medicine, and spiritual healing together for an immersive experience to fully heal.

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