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Three Fire Stoking Questions to Assess the Spirit of Your Heart with the Five Elements

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Heart Tune-Up Time!

Have you noticed that you feel more expressive in the summer season? If not, that might be an indicator that your Fire Element is out of balance. We’re in the heart of Fire Season and because we're also a piece of nature we are thereby connected to nature. So, if we are in balance with the Fire Element within then we'll really resonate with the energy this time of year. And if our Fire Element has gotten snuffed out, then we'll feel snuffed out too.

There are so many ways we can assess our health of body, mind, and spirit using the Fire Element and this summer season. For the purposes of this blog, I'll be sharing with you Three Fire Stoking Questions below that I always ask myself this time of year. They are key in assessing the spirit of our hearts.

If we don’t know what that feels like or we feel like we’re too downtrodden by life to be able to express joy, then the Fire Element is here to help. Using the Five Elements to continually attune ourselves to the ryhtms of nature is a great way to stay balanced. When we've got the map of the Five Elements we can use them as a guide throughout the seasons of our life in every facet of our life.

For the purposes of our Summer Fire Stoker, we're looking at how this time of year shows us the status of our heart. This is just a breadcrumb on the trail of the New Earth Pioneer journey that I created in cyberspace. Part of reimainging our future is knowing how to find that authentic joy that resides.

The Fire Element can help us recalibrate back into harmony and balance for our health and emotions. This is especially when we are feeling lacklustered and disconnected from life. Which is why this summer season is so important to ask yourself the key questions I have for you. But first, what does the Fire Element have to do with expressing matters of the heart? Keep reading :)

Beach Ball floating on the water to depict the summer season
Summer Season is the Fire Element

With every facet of life, there is a positive side to things and a negative side to things. The positive aspect of the Fire Element is that the energy it exudes in living beings is the desire to connect and to be in joy. The part of us that wants to feel like we’'ve got something in common with a person is the Fire Element within.

Thousands of years ago we may have sat around a fire and watched its flickering flames dance about, moving and shaking shadows on the cave walls. That movement could have very well been the Fire Element teaching our ancestors to dance, to feel free, and to connect to each other in special way. Those connections and moments of play, singing, dancing, laughing, and even crying together is how we stoke the fires of our heart.

If we are stoking our fires in a good way then our eyes are shining brightly, we’ve got the capacity to engage with others, and a deep sense of compassion for others around us. There is a feeling of being radically inclusive. With our fires stoked it somehow gives us permission to be in joy, to seek things that feel good, and to choose paths that we inspire us to create a sense of happiness, love, and fullfillment.

The Fire Element is Key in Finding Joy, Passion, and Laugher this Summer Season

Three Fire Stoking Questions

The Fire Element and Your Fiery Reimagined Future


The Fire Element is Key in Finding Joy, Passion, and Laugher this Summer Season

If we don't have a healthy Fire burning brightly within us then we're going to be suffering from a lack of joy, depression, loneliness, and lack of laughter. When I notice that my fires are dimming I know it is time for me to find an alternative “fire stoking” activity. Dancing is my number go too!

When we are connecting to the Fire Element it is about tuning in to how our heart is feeling. Do we feel light and willing to connect? Or do we feel heavy, burdened, and alone?

If you're having a hard time finding the capacity to play or participate in activities that are really stoking the fiery flames of your heart, this Summer Season is the key to helping you get those flames burning brightly inside you in a good way. That is because the Fire Element is at its strongest expression this time of year. We see this in the heat, longer days, and plants bursting with love in the expression of their flowers. They know how to express the Fire Element from within. Nature is always guiding us to live in a balanced way.

So, how do we know what activity is going to stoke our fires, personally?

There is profound information for you in reflecting on the joyful moments of your childhood. When we look back at moments of true childhood joy we weren’t planning something or trying to achieve a dream. We were dimply delighting in the present moment, unabashed in who we were and unaware of anything except the fun we were being present doing.

Joy comes from being in the moment. Planning for joy sets the stage to snuff out joy. We can plan the most amazing party and have a terrible, catastrophic time. Joy cannot be planned. We’ve got to summon it from within by being in the moment. That joy naturally creates a bright light in the eyes. That's the Fire Element burning brightly from within for all the world to see.

Understanding the energetics of the Fire Element helps us to continually cultivate ourselves back into balance every season. The Fire Element has so many ways it can teach us and this is just one small nugget. Fire also teaches us about love, sexuality, artistic expression, communication, healthy boundaries, and so much more. That’s why I dedicate an entire week to each element during the New Earth Pioneer journey. The wisdom that these elements teach us is something that can be applied to every facet of life.

Three Fire Stoking Questions to Reflect Upon During the Fire Element Season

So, each summer season I will reflect on a series of questions to make sure I’m balanced in my Fire Element. The Fire Element is here to shine a light on where we’re being invited to grow, evolve, heal, and shift. In my own reflection on these questions, it isn’t about having a perfect answer, but rather information about where my work is on myself during Summertime.

Here we go:

#1 Is there anywhere in my life where the Fire Element is not balanced causing me to not authentically express myself in joy?

This is the time of year to assess how I'm offering my heart, creativity, and connection to others. I'm an introvert by nature and sometimes it is hard for me to extend myself and be social. Sometimes that introverted nature creates an imbalance in me, where I've gone too inward. To maintain balance, I know I've got to extend myself out of my comfort zone. The way I'll figure that out is by asking where am I not authentically expressing my heart. Maybe it will be time to have a conversation with someone. Maybe I'll make sure I do a fun activity I may have been trepidatious about doing. Forcing myself to go beyond my comfort zone this time of year is important to maintaining a balanced fire for me. You, however, may have your own unique way you need to authentically express.

That's why I created the New Earth Pioneer Masterclass, so you could learn the ins and outs of how to use the Five Elements to help you maintain balance in your life. We are all so unique in our authentic expressions, that's why there is no right or wrong way, but rather a balanced way to move through our world. If we don't understand what balanced looks like it becomes difficult to make authentic decisions for our best life.

#2 Has the Fire Element gotten sooty around my relationships where I might not allow or support others to authentically express themselves?

Sometimes, our desires can pour over onto other people without realizing it. Hidden agendas, codependency, and conditional love programs all can put expectations on another that snuffs out their fires of authentic expression.

So, this time of year I will do an assessment of how I might have shown up in my relationships. Because the Fire Element is all about connecting, communication, and love. So, I'll use the energy of this Firey Season to assess myself and how I'm showing up in my relationships. That doesn't necessarily mean I take action or go around trying to fix all relationships that are broken.

Using the Fire Element to assess where the heart is at is what this reflective question guides me to do in my own personal cultivation. Gaining more emotional intelligence on how I show up in my relationships has been important in my own journey to recalibrate the authentic expression of my heart. We are all connected and how we treat that connection is what this Summer Season is inviting us to tend to.

#3 Where can I use the Fire Element to help extend my heart past my comfort zone? Where is my edge for giving and receiving love?

We can get burned by another's imbalanced fire through betrayal, abandonment, grief, pain, loss, stress, obligation, disregard, abuse, and so on. Whatever diminishes the light in the eyes is the thing that snuffs out the fire. Learning to trust in the resiliency of the heart is what this reflective question tests us in our journey to heal the wounded heart.

Rebalancing the Fire Element gives us the capacity to love again, find compassion, and be in joy regardless of the outcome of the circumstances. When the energy of Fire is primed during the Summer season is when we can test ourselves by pushing the boundaries around our hearts.

The heart is so resilient, yet so shy when it has been hurt. Just like a forest fire, though, we've got to trust that new seeds of life will burst forth again. So pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone to see what spark might ignite it awake again is what the Fire Season invites us to do.

I might test myself a little and do something out of my comfort zone in the form of singing, dancing, or an activity I've never done before. One year it was African Dancing...they are badass!

I might reach out to a friend and be mindful that I wish to share my heart, appreciation, and love with them this time of year. I might even simply learn to love myself even more by accepting where I am right here, right now.

Where can you extend your heart with the intention to mindfully use the energy of Fire to help heal your heart?

The Fire Element and Your Fiery Passion's Reimagined Future!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can create better balance in your life using the Five Elements I invite you to sign up for the Free Introductory Course and get yourself initiated as a New Earth Pioneer. In the 90-minute online class, you will receive a brief introduction to the Five Elements and how they are here to help cultivate your amazing, badass, self-empowering, purposeful life knowing you are honing yourself to be in balance with nature to help shift the energy of our global crisis. I believe it is possible and I believe the Five Elements can help us do that. So, check out the Free Intro class, Initiation to learn more about how you can take better care of yourself when you’ve got the Five Elements in your toolkit.

Regardless of what may be happening on the planet, I hope you find moments of joy this summer season. It will help carry you through the rest of the year if you do so.


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