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Maui Session Guidelines

You have a sacred space awaiting you

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Directions for Maui Sessions

You will be seeing Sahara in her private sanctuary home office in Kihei, Hawaii.  This is a community home, and you will have total privacy. Please arrive for your session on time. Early is not preferred. 

Make sure you are fed and hydrated before your session. Wear comfortable clothing. You likely won't need to remove any clothing, but there are some instances where you do. This makes it easier for Sahara to do her job. 

Please park across the street in the designated visitor spots. 

Sahara usually greets you in the driveway.


However, if she is in session then please go through the white gate by the garage. There is outside seating in the back lanai and a private bathroom.


Please make yourself comfortable until Sahara is ready for you. 

NOTE:  There are furry creatures that live among a family community. You will be greeted by barking dogs and cats. If this is a concern please let Sahara know,

24 Hooiki Place 

Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Please text Sahara if you need to contact her about directions. She prefers email for any other form of communication. 



In order to keep everyone safe, and follow WHO guidelines for healthcare practitioners, the following protocols for MAUI SESSIONS have been put into effect:

1.) Everyone must sign a Covid Consent Form prior to entering the property. Please fill this out, sign, and witness prior to your appointment. It must be filled out for each appointment. 

2.) Only one person is allowed in the office at a time. Parents are the exception. 

3.) Relationship Sessions will continue to be held Online until further notice. 

4.) There will be 30 minutes between each appointment to ensure proper time to sanitize, change out all sheets, and wipe down all surfaces. 


6.) If you are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19, shortness of breath, fever, fatigue, chills, body aches, etc., please make your appointment for Telehealth or call your Primary Care. 

7.) Sahara does not use bleach. She uses her own disinfectant cleaner of rubbing alcohol and vinegar. 

8.) Sahara will have her air purifier running and ozonates the room at the end of each day. 

9.) These measures are put in place for everyone's safety and comfort. Whatever your belief on the Covid Pandemic does not apply to proper healthcare and sanitary measures. Mahalo. 

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