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Spring Clean Your Liver

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Need help to do a Spring Detox? There are so many offerings for detox remedies and programs, that it can be difficult to know what is best. This 21-day Liver Cleanse is catered with a clear schedule, food guidance, holistic therapies, and high-quality supplements. Take the guesswork out of how to reset your system. When you sign up for the Cleanse you'll receive: - Detailed 21-day Guidance as to how to properly cleanse your liver and other organs. - Supplements to order through the Online Dispensary that address not only detoxifying and gut health, but also emotional releases that also happen during a cleanse. (Additional cost = $271) - Protocol for the optional Liver Flush You will begin with eliminating inflammatory foods over time to peak halfway with a 3-day juice fast. The optional Liver Flush happens on the last day of your cleanse. You'll then begin introducing your favorite foods, observing your body's response with each introduction. Finally, you'll close out this cleanse celebrating new habits, education on how to take better care of your body, and great supplements that you can continue taking when the cleanse is done. Cost Breakdown Guided 21-Day Cleanse $98 High-Quality Supplements $271 Extra Optional Supplies $75 Total Cost for a Tailored Cleanse: $444 PLUS You receive 40% OFF a Telehealth (60 min) session to have an optional private session with Sahara to help get you through. DEADLINE to Begin is April 30th

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