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Dancing Miracle

After living with an undiagnosed illness for over 20 years and finally getting the treatment I now call myself a dancing miracle. I've been down the rabbit hole of a healing crisis. I didn't know that my body would become my greatest teacher when I answered the call to be a healer.

The journey to healing a chronic illness is one you must do alone and with total surrender and acceptance of where you are right now. I learned this the hard way and am paying it forward with with all my offerings.

Finally Found the Right Treatment for Me
Day 1 of Treatment for Lyme Disease
Day 30 of Treatment
Day 60 of Treatment
18 Months After Treatment
A Healing Journey is Ours to Walk Alone
Plants and all things plants is my first love.
Three Years After Treatment and Still healing...
The Dancing Miracle!
The Journey Continues...
When Life Gets Hard I've Found Tools to Navigate.

Discover how I got through a personal life crisis using ALL the tools I learned as an Intuitive Healer and Five Element Acupuncturist.

It's like a guide map to help you learn to live with your heart open. 

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