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"I believe that any hardship, illness, or life setback is an opportunity for new seeds to sprout a more authentic life for us to thrive."

Why Five Sessions in a Year?

When we use the Five Elements to create balance and harmony in our life that also involves reawakening our connection to the rhythms of this earth. The Five Elements express themselves as Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

We change energetically with each season, depending upon the Element that is most expressive at that time of year. If we are carrying illness, trauma, or just a feeling of being out of balance in our system, then setting yourself up with the Online Annual Plan will allow you to create a self-care routine that is in accordance with the rhythms of your authentic nature. 

Use the Annual Plan to create a routine of self-care that honors your immersive healing journey.


You've Got Seeds Waiting to Sprout

Use the Online Annual Package as a Way to Reset Yourself Back to Your Authentic Nature


The Journey is Unique to YOU.

Emotions were out of hand...

"Sahara helped clarify mixed emotions in my life including my career, my life goals, and even issues from the past. She gave me guidance in an intelligent yet spiritual, non-judging way. She helped me see my unique talents and how I can shape them, and gave me confidence and hope for the future."

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