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Sahara Sun
Maui, Hawaii, USA


Holistic Health & Spiritual Wellness

Five Element Acupuncture

Telehealth & Online Learning

“Those who flow as life flows
know they need no other force.”
― Lao Tzu


Traditional Five Element Acupunturist


Licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner



National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine




Board of Acupuncture License


Healing Services

Holistic Health and Wellness appointments can be made for Maui or Online.


Five Element Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

Five Element Acupuncture is a specialty within East Asian Medicine to addresses the entire person, releasing trauma, and old injuries. Other forms of East Asian Medicine, including needle-free, are also used during your private session.



Whether issues of the body, mind, or soul, the virtual sessions serve as a concierge for your holistic health needs.


Spiritual and Grief Counseling, Energetic Assessments, Acupressure, Guided Meditations, Practitioner Referrals, and Holistic Healing Protocols can be included.



#1 Medical Concierge

8 Weeks of Telehealth will include a comprehensive assessment and directive for your diagnosed condition. 


#2 End of Life Support

8 Weeks of house calls for the patient and caregiver to receive holistic palliative care and counseling during this significant time. 

**Inquire to Schedule Packages**

Online Learning

East Asian Medicine applies to every facet of life. These online classes are geared towards activating your connection to your body, mind, spirit, each other, and this earth.


Free Class Introduction

Free Online Class introducing the Five Elements and how they play out in your personality, health, relationships, and nature.

90-minute video tutorial


New Earth Pioneer Masterclass

This self-paced virtual retreat experience will reawaken your connection with nature, your body, and how you wish to walk upon this earth in harmony. 

New Earth Reimagined Intro Clip (11).png

Ten Steps of Conscious Communication

Most of us struggle in our relationships. This bonus course gives you ten clear steps you can use to practice conscious communication within yourself or with another.

Meeting and working with you truly transformed me and began a healing journey that I continue on today. Your guidance, compassion, and wisdom opened doors for me that have forever changed the course of my life."

Wynn, California, USA

She exudes the astute integrity of a leader, innate gifts of a shamanic heart, body, and soul healer; the refined skill of a craftswoman, and the hard-won timeless wisdom of a Sage. Most importantly though, she has helped guide me back to my own self."

Zanni, Montana USA

All of this combined healing has accelerated my personal growth resulting in increased success and happiness in all areas of my life."

Amy B, Washington USA

Over 20 Years in Service

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