You CAN Heal!


Everything you need is

inside of you! 

I'm here to guide the way

You Exist, 



Healing is one of the most courageous steps you can take.



I'm talking about a complete restructuring of how you show up for YOU. 

Are you ready to emerge as the person you were born to be? 





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New Earth Pioneer

A Blueprint for a Reimagined Earth

The New Earth Pioneer is the blueprint for a self-empowered lifestyle in right relations with each other and this earth within our global crisis.

In the masterclass, I’ll walk you through every lesson, step-by-step, and give you a bunch of resources to help you along your way. The New Earth Pioneer journey goes through Five Phases, each paired with resources so that you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused as you go through the masterclass.



Chronic Illnesses
Major Surgery or Illness
Pain, Migraines, PMS
Injuries, Accidents
Insomnia, Blood Pressure


Trauma, Childhood Trauma, 
PTSD, Restlessness, 
Complex Symptoms
Major LIfe Change
Major Life Stressors
Quality of Life Suffering


Insomnia, Addiction, Panic Attacks,

Depression, PTSD, ADD, Strokes

Major Loss or Changes, Chronic Stress,

Grief, Feeling Lost, Cancer/Surgical Support


Mary, Washington

Sahara is a talented intuitive who was able to journey through time to facilitate my soul retrieval.

Wynn, California

Sahara’s insight was a gift to me. She helped clarify mixed emotions in my life including my career, my life goals, and even issues from the past. 

Hanna, Alberta, Canada

I truly appreciate your gift and I am glad you were willing to share it with me. Being able to make a connection with my dad was priceless! 

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