Your soul wants to grow like a garden. I'd love to show you how to awaken the seeds of your authentic expression.

You CAN Heal!


Everything you need is

inside of you! 

I'm here to guide the way

You have the potential to activate your most Authentic Self when you learn how to listen to the innate wisdom of your body. 

Holistic Health
Five Elements, East Asian Medicine
Shamanic Spiritual Healing
Intuitive Activation


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Medical Concierge for the unexpected journey with a healing crisis.

Get to the root core issues behind your physical symptoms using an integrative, holistic, intuitive approach. 



Unravel the trauma, wounds, and PTSD that have you stuck.  

Intuitive and Shamanic Assessment of what has got you bound up on a soul level.


What we think, believe, and perceive has the capacity to shift perspective.

Understanding how we think and why can be key in getting some core needs met.

Virtual Appointments

Finally, an immersive healing experience that takes your self-empowered healing to another level.

Holistic Health Consult for you, your Relationships, your Kids, and even your Pets. 

Sessions are 90 minutes Online from the comfort of your home.

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Over 20 Years in Service

Meeting and working with you truly transformed me and began a healing journey that I continue on today. Your guidance, compassion, and wisdom opened doors for me that have forever changed the course of my life."

Wynn, California, USA

She exudes the astute integrity of a leader, innate gifts of a shamanic heart, body, and soul healer; the refined skill of a craftswoman, and the hard-won timeless wisdom of a Sage. Most importantly though, she has helped guide me back to my own self."

Zanni, Montana USA

All of this combined healing has accelerated my personal growth resulting in increased success and happiness in all areas of my life."

Amy B, Washington USA

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Online Learning

A Blueprint from our Ancestors for Your Reimagined Future.

I believe that in order to navigate the rough roads of our lives our Authentic Selves must be steering the wheel. Ancient tools are waiting to get activated in you so that you can discover how to live in alignment with your soul and this Earth. When you are able to do that, you'll be able to use these skillsets for life. 

The New Earth Pioneer Masterclass is intended to awaken your authentic self, so you can step into your empowered purpose during our global crisis. There are potent healing transmissions woven throughout this year-long journey to help you clear, heal, and integrate the wisdom of these ancient teachings. Take at your pace. Annual and Monthly Memberships with Bonus Material, E-Books, Meditations, and more.

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New Earth Pioneer Masterclass


Private Sessions

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What Kind of New Earth Pioneer are YOU?

 Videos and Blog



Introduction to the
Five Elements

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Our Ancestors have the Map!

Apply the skillsets you already possess to reimagine your future with ancient tools TODAY.