Top Questions I get asked about Lyme Disease

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Behind closed doors of Lyme disease

Every week, someone contacts me to ask if I would talk to their friend, relative, or co-worker who is experiencing Lyme disease. The questions are always the same and I end up taking several days to recover from stirring my own traumatic Lyme events. So, I've avoided the subject, skirted people to my book, Heart Broke Open, or request to communicate via email. It isn't easy for me to talk about my experience with Lyme Disease. To heal and recover from this infection was a nightmare. The journey to healing was also my greatest teacher, an awakener, clearer of what isn't in alignment, provoker, and oddly sometimes my only friend.

I decided to help support you, fellow Lyme Warrior, and me, by putting together the

Top FAQs for Lyme Disease. (check it out here) or watch the video

I feel it is safe to say that I am in remission! Woohoo! Truly, feel better than I have my entire adult life. Struggling with an undiagnosed illness since I was 16 years of age,

I've had twenty-seven years experiencing these bugs in my body.

I've gone into remission and relapsed too many times to count. It is likely still my biggest fear - to relapse. I don't let that fear stop me though!

I lovingly acknowledge it is there and continue to do the best I can at self-care.

Even though I am in remission, I will have weekly health maintenance for the rest of my life.

I have a wealth of information as a patient and as a practitioner, so this is a start to helping you and your loved one understand the complexity of what you are experiencing. I

f you don't want to read, as I know when I had Lyme I simply wasn't able, I also made you a video for the FAQ of Lyme Disease.

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