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Online Community Guidelines

Creating Sacred Space in Cyberspace

We are all here to help each other matter, be heard, 

feel safe, supported, and encouraged.

This is Sacred Cyber Space

  • Create a private space for yourself

  • Get comfortable!

  • Have your tea, water, and notebook handy

  • Let others know you need privacy

  • Light a candle, set your intentions

  • Get ready about 10 minutes before your session in case there are any technological glitches. 

Sahara's Zoom Room 

You should receive detailed instructions for your session with Sahara. Please look at your email confirmations to get the zoom access links and passwords (classes). 

For Security, I do not list the zoom room access here. 

Zoom House Rules

for Classes

Mute yourself when you are not speaking 

Video or No Video is up to you!

Ask questions through the chat, unless otherwise asked.

Remember we are all in different spaces and places - on the planet and inside our hearts

Recording on Zoom or Phone

Private Sessions - You are welcome to record Zoom video and audio from your laptop. You may also use your android phone's audio recording feature. Sahara may record the session but will ask your permission first. 

Classes - Sahara reserves the right to record the classes for future educational purposes. Please see the terms and conditions for further information. 

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