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New Earth Pioneer

A Blueprint for a Reimagined Earth

The New Earth Pioneer is the blueprint for a self-empowered lifestyle in right relations with each other and this earth within our global crisis.

In the masterclass, I’ll walk you through every lesson, step-by-step, and give you a bunch of resources to help you along your way.

The New Earth Pioneer journey goes through Five Phases, each paired with resources so that you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused as you go through the masterclass.

Plus, it comes with three amazing bonuses...but I’ll get to that later on!

Begin your journey

Why would transforming your life for the better help you make sense of what is happening in this world? This masterclass will help you to gain new insight into your core values and why you may have lost your vibrant self, so you can stop feeling powerless and uncertain and begin a journey to transform your own life for the better.

The New Earth Pioneer’s Journey is a year-long masterclass that begins with an initiation introductory course, followed by the five phases and a concluding bonus mini-course: the ten steps of conscious communication. View all of the phases below!

INITIATION PHASE: Introductory Course

​Your Initiation as a New Earth Pioneer begins!

Unravel Your Authentic Self

Onto the next leg of your Pioneering Journey! You are about to step into discovering the authentic YOU.

My Energetic Blueprint

Your Authentic Blueprint awaits to be discovered!

The Collective

In order to know where we're going in this reimagined new earth, we have to know where we've been. 

Body Talk

Your body is always talking, it’s time to translate what it is saying.

The New Earth Reimagined

It’s time for us to close the circle of the New Earth Pioneer journey and embrace the Spirit of the Elements to help us reimagine our future.  

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In the course, you will learn…

  • How to stop uncertainty and confusion so you can navigate these unprecedented times → The opposite of uncertainty is empowerment, which will come naturally when you learn how to turn back to your center when things feel off balance.

  • How to feel prepared during our challenging times, so you feel empowered with tools to reimagine your future → I will help you discover these tools necessary for these difficult times.

  • How to stop searching for answers outside yourself and tap into your energy to navigate your life and relationships → The opposite of searching is discovering a newfound vision to navigate your life with a mindful, heart-centered purpose, which will become your compass to choose from your most empowered self.

Masterclass bonuses!

Along with your purchase of the New Earth Pioneer online masterclass, I’m giving you weekly bonuses, absolutely free! Here’s the thing. If you’ve been wanting to create balance in your life and discover your authentic self, you cannot just take one online masterclass and leave it at that. Transformation requires intention, dedication, and patience to let your life unfold into authentic change to create your new future. That’s why I am here guiding your transformation, giving you all the tools and resources that I’ve collected along my journey.

I’m holding the vision for you to become your best authentic and vibrant self.

So, to help you do that, I’m going to gift you with…

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Bonus #1

Weekly Divine Medicine Cards

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Bonus #2

Curated Spotify Playlists

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Bonus #3

Meditation Videos

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Body Talk Quiz

What's your body trying to tell you? ​Discover how your unique nature can be supported when you know what Element is in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey starts with an initiation and moves into five phases
plus an included mini-course with your membership.

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