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She Sees is a homage to the spirit world. The woman and the animals that surround her are nature spirits in a vast otherworld. An experience is awaiting those who sit and meditate with these beings.
The Woman and the Tree
Within the tree, lies the woman. She is the tree and the tree is she.
The Tree Woman embodies the rooted strength we all possess and it gives her the capacity to support others authentically. Trees accept where they root, how they grow, and when they die. This Tree is the medicine of radical acceptance - even while her bark is being torn. Can you find your centered strength to radically accept your life situation regardless of the circumstance?
This Owl sees you - even the dark recesses of your soul. Owl carries the intuitive wisdom of how to thrive in the world. Do you need to look at your life with observant eyes? Let Owl awaken the truth of who you are - powerful, creative, unique, wise, and connected.
Don’t let the size fool you - the hummingbird is where we all want to be - tasting the nectar of life! Hummingbird is here to remind you that joy is our medicine and birthright. Can you re-remember what it feels like to embrace your authenticity? The nectar of life embraces your powerful heart.

Oh, Peacock! How I loved painting thee!

Peacocks strut their feathers fearlessly. What aspect of yourself are you afraid to strut? We all must shine. The peacock’s beauty is its birthright. What amazing feathers do you need to fan for the world to see?
Grizzly Bear
Bears exude a unique strength. Their medicine bestows bravery and fierce acceptance to all healing warriors. Its claw marks serve as the reminder of our own scars. Scars mark rites of passage. Have you been thinking too much about your wounds? The adversities in your life are your greatest teachers when we stand to face them like Bear.
Albino Anaconda
Meditating with snake energy stirs primal and raw emotions. The snake represents the limbic system of our brain - that part that strikes when our basic needs are threatened. Snakes molt to grow. What threatening perceptions do you need to shed in order to reveal your vulnerable, authentic Self?

Mouse and the Moss
This little mouse finds protection in the moss. Close to the ear of the woman, the mouse whispers to her thoughts, ideas, and a perspective from an entirely different vantage point. Do you need to navigate your healing from a new perspective? Listen to the quiet whispers, they are guiding you.

Moss is the reminder of resiliency as survivors of evolution. You are a survivor too!
Lunar Moth
Being associated with the phases of the moon, the Lunar Moth serves to remind us that we are connected to energetic cycles coursing through the cosmos. Do you see patterns repeating in your life? Honor your cycles of day and night, output versus input. Your path to transformation lies in honoring your needs. Lunar Moth is here to help you embrace your own rhythm and flow.
Mushrooms communicate like an underground internet for nature. Humans have been ingesting mushrooms to experience alternate realities for thousands of years. Mushrooms are in service to you as food, spiritual awakeners, and messengers. Have you forgotten the limitless connection you have to all things? Mushrooms are here to open your intuition, connecting you to the unseen worlds that are here to heal and reveal.
The vines climb. Know that the parts of you that feel knotted and bound are still growing.
The Cardinal symbolizes our ancestors. Do you need to talk to your own loved ones on the other side whispering guidance along the way?

You may find that you are drawn to different creatures at different times in your life. Allow the painting to speak to you, guide you, heal you.

By sitting with She Sees you are honoring the unseen world ready to connect with you.

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