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This triptych is a metaphor for the evolution of emotions in the soul. The human condition is to experience intense, primal, raw emotions that we all must learn to navigate. The Hawaiian Goddess Pele embodies these raw emotions in the form of molten lava. The Seven Generations of Pele was birthed during an intense healing experience where I saw my raw emotions becoming self-destructive. The succession of these paintings represents the process in which natural destruction evolves into a creative life force. Pele 1 - Wrath The first painting of the triptych, Pele spews firey pain and the anger of humanity. With her power out of control, her ego destroys life rather than fosters growth. We all are capable of summoning this kind of Pele in us. How has the Pele in you caused destruction along your path? Do you need to spew a bit of lava? Pele 2 - Surrender Pele finds acceptance of her nature in the second painting of this triptych. From lava to ashes to bedrock her landscape begins to support life. Pele 3 - Creation In the third painting of this triptych, Pele is the new earth. Her necklace holds a Heiau (sacred Hawaiian site) home to the “THE LISTENING TREE.” Pele’s inner peace becomes our sanctuary: vibrant with waterfalls, ravines, grassy plains, and mountainous slopes. Which Pele are you drawn to? I invite you to meditate on the transmission of each one. Let Pele guide you into your own process to transform destructive emotions into a place of your greatest creative potential.

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