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Awaken from surviving into thriving

Intuitive Spiritual Healing

Maui or Online


What's your body trying to tell you?

Physical ailments have a deeper meaning. Discover what lies underneath your physical or emotional symptoms. 


Aligning your energy body back to its divine essence so you can thrive 


Who are you animal and plant guides? 

Soul Retrieval

Animal Guides

Guided Journeys

Nature Medicine

Develop empowering tools to awaken your best self.  Learn to listen to your own internal guidance system.





Who would like to help you from the other side?

    Conversation with loved on who have crossed over

Soul Scanning and Reading

Unravel ancestral wounds 

and trauma


What is your unique rhythm?


The Law of the Five Elements applies to all of life. When you know your authentic nature you will have many tools to support staying balanced. 


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