Sahara's Journey

I didn't know that the intention of becoming a healer would lead me on such an epic quest

to heal my own self.

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We all have a gift to offer, 

have you discovered yours?

Most of us are on a quest to either discover or embrace our gift to the world

My own journey of the soul began at birth because I never lost the connection to the spirit world. My first ingrained memory is seeing the energy body of my uncle when I was three years old and the spirits of my ancestors walking around the room. It took years of exploring how other cultures and teachers around the world explain and depict psychic premonitions for me to understand the extrasensory experiences of my childhood. 


Overwhelmed with the isolation of not fitting into the world, I tried to close the veil to the spirit world out of fear, but somehow I didn’t have the capacity. Along with memories of playing with cabbage patch dolls and my pretty ponies, I also silently harbored memories of ghosts visiting me in the night and psychic premonitions with hemorrhagic nosebleeds that auspiciously happened at the same time. I have always had an extrasensory perception of the world. I kept my intuitive connection secret well into adulthood.


I now see this connection as a gift and understand that we all have the same internal capacity to reawaken that sparkling light our eyes once held when we were children. That sparkling light emits the beauty and power of the soul and harbors the alchemy necessary for healing transformation. This alchemy is enmeshed in the earth cycles, bird songs, synchronicity, and love. If we can tap into this light, love, and awareness anything is possible!

I discovered that my greatest teacher was my own heart, showing me where I needed to learn how to love myself before I could fully heal…. 

I had to learn to trust my connection to the spirit world, my intuition, my dreams, and the messages in nature. After many years in school with my B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Horticulture and Medicinal Plant Research, two years at Bastyr University for Naturopathic Medical School, an M.S. in East Asian Medicine, and over twenty years of training in Shamanic Spiritual Healing, Craniosacral, Herbal and Energy Medicine I have still learned more by listening to my own heart and observing nature than I ever did in a classroom. Not to mention my own 27-year journey with a mysterious illness, finally diagnosed as Lyme disease. I understand the level of suffering, sacrifice, perseverance, patience, grief, and courage it takes to navigate an illness that can devastate your entire life.  


I am a Nationally Licensed ( NCCAOM #136978) acupuncturist in Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture from Wu Hsing Tao in Seattle, WA. I am also licensed in Hawaii (LAc # 1005) and am a Nationally Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist. I hold a ministers license from the Circle of the Sacred Earth and have years of training in Shamanic Spiritual Healing.


I became inspired to share my own story to heal and be in service to helping others with my first book, Heart Broke Open. This story has further inspired me to continue writing more books, with my second project being oracle cards called, Divine Medicine.  

I am also excited to be building a healing sanctuary for you on beautiful Maui, Hawaii.  Shen Sanctuary is a sanctuary for the spirit of your heart. 


Near or far, I can’t wait to get to know you and help you on your healing journey!


Until that time comes, I will continue to stay connected to spirit, allow the journey to unfold and serve the greater good of this Earth.


I am here to help you listen to your soul and bring about deep healing and change to propel you into the light and love of this magnificent universe. And a most magnificent YOU!! You are the journey you’ve been waiting for….I’m honored to show you the way.


Discover how I navigated a personal life crisis using the tools I learned as a healer. 

Its like a guide map to help you learn to live with your heart open.