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An Intuitive Healer rooted in Eastern and Western Medicines, Taoist Philosophy, and Shamanism with a mission to help heal humanity. 

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Sahara Sun - Biography

Sahara is an internationally known intuitive healer with a backbone in science and medicine. Her uncanny ability to decipher the energy of the soul, combined with her expertise in holistic health, has been a beacon of light for her patients since 2007. ​As a psychic and medium, overcoming twenty-seven transformative years with Lyme disease (her greatest teacher) gave Sahara special abilities to see the interconnected, multidimensional capacity to transform.


Her life pursuit is to rehabilitate humanity from trauma, illness, and grief through the empowerment of personal accountability and the cultivation of the Authentic Self. 


Launching a new platform of somewhat controversial and timely content, THE MIGHTY WAVE, serving as a blueprint for our ecological and humanitarian crisis with empowering resources and solutions to create a collective vision to awaken new earth.

Sahara holds an M.S. in Medicinal Plant and Soil Science and is a nationally licensed East Asian Medical Practitioner of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Jungian Psychology. She also has two years of Naturopathic Medical School training from Bastyr University. Through her work as a medical intuitive, spiritual healer, and five-element acupuncturist, she has created a system of conscious healing, bridging nature wisdom and science. Healing deeply rooted trauma that impacts chronic illness and life 


Heart Broke Open is Sahara’s first self-published book and won Silver in Best Heroic Journey from the Nautilus Book Awards. 

In 2017 a neurologist told Sahara that in order to heal her brain she needed to paint. The energetic depictions of the spirit world are transmissions for her vision and message to heal ourselves and the planet. 

Fans of Sahara can tune in to her powerful blogs, videos, courses, and tours at

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My mission is to offer intuitive energy healing wisdom that fosters recovery,       

re-connection, and a remembering of living authentically connected and in harmony with the Earth.

Inspiring a universal vision that rehabilitates humanity and the earth to thrive through the empowerment of personal accountability, cultivation of the Authentic Self, and the conscious evolution to heal