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Top Ten Reasons I am Leaving Social Media

The time has come for some accountable change. I took some time off recently after a year of helping people through the pandemic. The much-needed recharge gave me the space I needed for reflection on how am I showing up during this pivotal time in human history. Part of me likes to think that Lil’ ole’ me has no significant impact on the monstrosities happening all over the planet. Yet, my intuitive sense is that the only thing each one of us can do is to keep making changes towards a reimagined future.

To me, that means meticulously listening to my body for signals of when I am living in alignment with my soul and when I am not. Questions I'll ask myself:

- Are my choices in alignment with creating a sustainable future?

- Am I operating from anxiety, fear, or doubt?

- Do I feel a charge with a 'yes' in my body when I am making decisions? If that's a no, then I'm not clear on the choice. I then know it is time for reflection.

We've all said at some point, "I can just feel it in my gut I need to do this." We were taught to ignore that visceral response of our gut instinct the moment someone told us we had to get serious about our schooling, career, or societal status. We were taught to ignore our own internal wisdom in order to achieve and acquire to feel successful. We were taught to ignore our internal compass in order to prioritize material gain. We were taught we need to be doing something to matter. We've got a lot of unlearning to do.

New skills take time. To become Sovereign, I feel, involves releasing anything that isn’t in alignment with the nature of our authentic expression. A deep love for our best life involves listening and acting from our internal compass. The courage to act might be one of the hardest and most rewarding choices we could make.

We all have a lot of unraveling to do out of an old program that taught us oppression, silence, emotional suppression, dominance, destruction, and consumerism. At some point, I feel, everyone has had some whisper of a thought that says, “How I am living is somehow wrong.” Now is the time to change that.

I’m sharing with you my top 10 reasons to leave social media because I feel this is part of my own release into what serves me better. Here we go!

#1 I am addicted to my phone and it is because of social media.

Right now, I spend about 40 minutes a day sucked into digital reality. And that is just social media!! That doesn't include all the other times I'm looking at a screen. When you add that up, I’m spending an entire ten-day vacation staring into social media feeds per year. It is time I could have spent being more present, appreciating this life.

#2 I'm seeking validation through social media.

Validation for what I offer, confirmation that I’m still attractive, that I still have friends who care, that I’m involved in the social circles I’d otherwise not know about. I realized social media has the potential to become some kind of authority figure, telling me my worth and value. That kind of dependency depletes my energy. I am perceiving that an outside source is more important than taking care of my inner world.

#3 I have formulated the belief that I will lose connections with my family and friends if I don't stay on social media.

I’m afraid that I’ll lose touch with the people I care about. We still have the telephone, email, the postal system, and quality time to arrange. I believe that if I leave social media I’ll miss out on events, social gatherings, major news, people’s opinions, and things to buy. I perceive that I need it to attract people to my work. I succumbed to believing that if I don't do social media platforms I won't be successful. I don't find joy in trying to be a part of something that doesn't resonate with my quality of life.

If I am staying in alignment with moving the energy to a New Earth then I surrender into trusting that I will be invited and guided to where I am meant to be.

#4 I feel manipulated by what I am seeing.

I am tired of people sharing articles or posts that are not reliable sources of information. The educational system doesn’t seem to teach effective discernment on what is an unbiased scholarly publication and what is manipulative, coercive propaganda. Too many people are falling prey to misguided information. Social media’s algorithms validate and manipulate belief versus broadening to perspectives.

#5 I have nervousness in my body after I've looked through social media.

I go to social media the moment I have an opportunity to pause. I disconnect from being present and then get sucked into an alternate reality that my body continually tells me it doesn’t want to be in. I'm losing out on important moments where creative inspiration could be found. Taking a breath to pause would serve me better than finding yet another reason to stare at my screen.

#6 My emotional pendulum swings too far while scrolling.

Vacillating between feelings of doom and joy, I cannot know what I will see. Sometimes I might laugh, be touched, feel anger, fear, or guilt. A healthy life means healthy boundaries. I had to enact those boundaries years ago, foregoing watching any news for this same reason.

Before television and radio, we had no idea what was going on in the world until weeks later. There is a purposeful reason for time to lapse. What good does it do to feel afraid of something happening on the other side of the planet? How does it affect where we are right here and now? The old Taoist saying, “One can achieve enlightenment without ever leaving their valley,” has a purpose.

#7 I feel the psychological ramifications of the comments, whether someone liked something or not.

I see how my identity is somehow carefully being constructed to perceive myself a certain way based upon social media responses. As a person learning to be Sovereign, if I’m basing my self-worth on an outside source, I’ve already lost touch with my own life force. If an algorithm is dictating behind the scenes, then I’m believing a distorted reality of persuasion. Have you seen The Social Dilemma?

#8 I'm using social media as entertainment and that is boring.

Boredom is a sign of an unfulfilled spirit. What did we do with our time before there was a screen to look at? I wrote poetry, read more books, rested more, and didn’t seek outside myself so much for fulfillment. I never knew I was missing out on anything.

#9 Social media serves as a platform to create contention.

The safety of cyberspace gives people misguided permission to be harmful. Our words easily ignite judgment, permission to profess beliefs, and somehow feel like we matter through our comments. These beliefs then seem to create a chasm between people of right and wrong.

We are forgetting some basic core tenants of human society. We’ve lost the meaning of scholarly debate, which is to have a discussion without making it personal. Aristotle, Plato, and all the great philosophers questioned rather than reacted. If we become a reactionary society we will be no better than the barbaric societies of the past.

#10 I choose a life deeply rooted in nature.

I choose a life deeply rooted in nature where my days are filled with the wonderment of creatures just being. Seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, birds building nests, and a stormy sky that brings the mystery and power of what courses around us and through us. The more time I spend holding a device in my hand, the more I lose sight of the real reason we are all here. It certainly isn’t spending my precious life experience staring at a screen.

Oh, how I could come up with more reasons as to why I am leaving social media! Reclaiming Sovereignty is a process. My declaration of leaving social media is my way of reclaiming any power I may have turned over to this way of living. You may find you have other things that have disconnected you for you. Just because this is my way doesn't mean it has to be yours. I’m stepping out of this digitally constructed reality and back into nature reality. If you wish to join me or keep in touch here are a few ways.

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I am excited for whatever new circumstances this creates. I wish you all the best on your life journey wherever you are on the planet. I will connect with you in other realms beyond a digital platform that is manipulated to persuade and monitor.


Sahara Sun is a New Earth Pioneer, a licensed Five Element Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Author, Artist, and Educator. She works worldwide offering online Sessions and classes to awaken and remember your authenticity. She weaves her knowledge of science, natural medicine, and intuitive healing together for a transformative immersive experience.

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