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A Collective Vision for These Changing Times

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This is a message from the collective consciousness of humanity. Everything I'm about to say is this something that you innately know already. Quietly whispering inside yourself. None of this will be new to you.

What may be new to you is the understanding that every single one of us feels this way.

The societal collective has lost its power and voice. Connected together through the humanness of our mortality. Through one collective virus sending a message to everyone. When we can look at it from a higher vantage point of the Earth’s health, its just one big giant fever being produced through all of these Souls to clear off and burn off what is encapsulated in our corona.

Our mind. Our belief systems. Our thoughts. Holding this perception that we need to live this lifestyle. And yet, this lifestyle is a ticking time bomb, quietly grating at us, saying, this isn't really how I want to be living.

Why are we living like this? Every one of us has had this thought because the collective interconnectedness knows that we don’t have to be the destroyers of this Earth anymore.

And in this moment of a gigantic Global Pause, we can look at this as the freedom we've been looking for to emancipate ourselves out of a capitalistic society that has enslavement and oppression on a lot of our brethren and sisters; on a lot of the animals that we like to take care of and watch them being destroyed. All so that we can continue living like this. And living like this doesn't feel good to the collective of humanity. Most people would rather be living in different ways. I know you listening to this can feel this in your body.

That you wish for this change.

Let us use this time to hit the reset button, in our thinking, in our mentality, and what we believe as a society. Let the collective become the voice for what's necessary for a shift.

Let us let go instantaneously almost overnight of addictions. That we release nostalgia toward certain food or objects that we think we need to hold on to. Security is an illusion and can go at any moment. Knowing that in you are a limitless Self. And in the moments when we don't have the things that we're used to having, instead of feeling deprived like a baby being pulled from its mother's teat, let’s look at it as you're being weaned away from a system that in the collective overall sense of your life doesn't work for you anymore.

Take the time to pause. In the pause, you're going to get clarity about what's working for your life and what is not. What you can change and where you see it's going to be your edge. Communicate that edge so you can feel supported.

Let this coronavirus pandemic release the shackles of our perception that we need to continue living this type of lifestyle.

Let us start looking towards solutions to be proactive for a sustainable future. It's all connected people.

We're all connected to the trees, to the rain, to the animals and to our food. It is all connected! Let us embrace this interconnectedness by coming together with a collective, mindful belief system. The intention is whatever your action is that you're doing ask yourself is this for the greater good of the earth? Is this for the greater good for my community? Is this for the greater good to help shift this planet out of destruction and into recreation? Let us be mindful of the products that we buy. Asking ourselves whether or not we need them or not. Is it necessary?

Now it's time for us to heal together

into a new paradigm of thinking,

into a new way of connecting

with a proactive mindset.

Where our hearts are beating

because we get the chance

to live in a new way.

Strong and unshakable like a mountain.


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