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A New Painting to Help You Remember

Updated: Jan 6, 2020


May sitting with this image grant you the permission to begin a journey to Consciously Heal yourself and this planet. One step at a time, one intention at a time, one heart at a time, we can turn our world around.

The world is starting to wake up! We are waking up from a program taught to us at an early age. The program that we needed to be a certain way to fit the societal norms of our family, community, culture and creed. We were taught that to be valued meant we had to accomplish, succeed, or acquire to be considered a "productive" member of society. We were taught that we are separate until we belong.

We are beginning to remember that to live on this planet means something else entirely. Our divine birthright to love, share, enjoy and take care of this earth has been overshadowed by the belief system that money and power are priority. We now see that destruction, corruption, and disregard has desecrated our only home. We feel the shackles bound around us with endless bills, dishonoring our hearts for an income and ultimately impacting our health and relationships.

You might find yourself panicking, judging, blaming, or spinning in not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to act? Your health might be getting impacted from the lifestyle this belief system has taught us.

The time has come to ditch the program! Unravel what is in alignment and what is not. Bit by bit, we have the capacity to change.

We have the power to heal.

It is time for a new vision and mission for this planet. If we each begin to remember why we are here in the first place (you know, your heart knows, your cells know) we have the power to shift this world out of money, destruction, and greed and into one that embraces our unique expressions, stewards the earth, and learn how to be rather than accomplish.


Sahara continues to work with people worldwide to help shift consciousness for healing

and a better planet. She offers healing sessions Online and on Maui, Hawaii. Sahara offers a unique approach, interconnecting Science, Health, Spirituality, Energy Medicine, Indigenous Wisdoms, and her own Intuition to help you see the bigger picture of your life.

Please visit, to learn more, schedule, or contact Sahara.

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