Gratitude for the New Earth Rising

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Shifting the energy of Thanksgiving with the changing times ahead.

If we are ready to step into our greatest life for ourselves and humanity then transparency and individual accountability is the invitation.

First things first. We were taught that Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate coming together with the Indigenous people of the land for a moment of peace and sharing the earth's bounty. We were taught that we have turkey on Thanksgiving Day, with all the fixins of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. We were taught that this holiday signified peace between the pilgrims who invaded the land of the indigenous people. We were taught to see our country as an idealized representation of how the rest of the world can live.

If transparency is on the forefront to create change, then I am guided to share this version of Thanksgiving History with you (Video


), You might find for yourself that history is asking to be rewritten.

The meaning of Thanksgiving has the capacity to change with our intentions.

Most people fall in line with what they were taught each year out of nostalgia, tradition, and love of family. We are inundated by the media, displays in the stores, and an inherent program to continue doing what we do. When what we really want is to awaken the connection we have to each other, the planet, and all its beings.

Every year, I've been conflicted about celebrating the holidays because of their historical and materialistic distortions. My authentic truth rumbles around inside of me and yet, I choose to make a different intention. For years, I've called Thanksgiving, "Gratitude Day", to help shift the frequency and intention of why I'm willing to participate in this holiday. I've embraced love and appreciation flowing in my life to counter the misaligned energies that I feel with the holidays celebrated in the United States.

Living in a first world country makes it easy to find gratitude. Running water, a roof over our heads, clothes, plumbing, cars, and material abundance every where we turn. Its a wonderfully easy time to find things to be grateful.

Yet, from this First World privilege, something isn't sitting right this year. I realized I am grateful for a different reason. These are the top ten reasons I am grateful.

Top 10 Reasons to be Grateful this Holiday

1.) There is a transparency coming into the consciousness of humanity. Things are being exposed, revealed, and brought to the forefront of our conscious awareness. We need this level of awareness, so we can begin to heal the thousands of years our people chose comfort, success, and acceptance over the totality of this planet. We need to get real with the way this world is operating and realize we ALL have a part to play in its preservation or destruction. The more the truth is revealed, the more people might begin to change.

2.) People are rising up! There is a strength emerging in many around the planet where we are realizing that the way we are living is no longer acceptable.

3.) People are feeling uncomfortable with the way things are on the planet.

EcoCrisis, EcoAnxiety, EcoDepression - are rumbling through our minds and hearts. These emotions aren't necessarily bad. They are the beginnings of conscious awareness, movement, accountability, and healing. When we turn that fear into courage with a collective purpose, amazing things are going to happen!

4.) People want to see change. I am not talking about newly elected officials. I am talking about a complete and total radical shift in the way we live. The collective consciousness is whispering thoughts of how the way this world operates has reached a tipping point. This tipping point is unique inside each of us, readying us for change. Each person does have a part to play in order to shift power, corruption, and greed into a collective humanitarian uprising, for the sake of our earth and future children.

5.) Capitalism and Corporations are out and Sustainability and Community Involvement is in. We are realizing how our materialistic lifestyle is no longer supporting life on this earth. We are realizing that there is another way to live, one in which involves looking at our daily lives differently.

6.) There is a recognition that animals are sovereign beings and have basic rights. People are standing for the animals, realizing that we can no longer practice barbarism. Several countries have decreed animals sentient: France, Brussels, New Zealand, Chili, Belarus, and the European Union. People are seeing how many products offered in the stores are from unethical sources.

7.) There is an awakening with food! People are seeing the value of growing food yourself, sharing food, and buying locally. We are seeing how harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers are affecting the bees, waterways, and our health.

8.) Everyone is now seeing that plastic is not practical for disposable use. The lifestyles still may need to change, but the first step is realization.

9.) Indigenous people are standing all around the planet. They are remembering their birthright, their strength, fortitude, culture, and wisdom held in nature. Nations are realizing their mistakes and there is more support than ever from the mainstream culture to recognize the atrocities happening.

10.) Kapu Aloha! We are learning to stand together in solidarity, peace, and perseverance. We are learning a new way to join together energetically to save this planet! We are learning how to stand strong because we matter. Peaceful Warriors are stepping up globally to protect our water, sacred spaces, and the future of our children. (Check out a mighty movement happening in Hawaii

video here


Conscious Accountability of Thanksgiving

We have believed the intentions behind a story that depicts a moment of peace and generosity, covering up the rotten truth of what we have done as a nation. The founders of this nation turned around and elicited strategic genocide, destruction, enslavement, and theft towards the indigenous people of this land. Proclaimed Christians resorted to barbaric behavior for their survival or their entitlement to ...well...whatever they wanted. These are our ancestors and forefathers of this country with its foundation of rotted roots destroying along the way.

Do we really want that kind of vibration in our food, bodies, and cells? Does this really speak of gratitude? If we wish to see real change for the planet, where our waters, food, and children are safe, then it is time to start looking at what we we were taught. Does it serve the human collective? Does it honor the animals, plants, and balance for this earth? Does it view the Earth as a sacred space, a temple, a place to honor?

Conscious Healing goes beyond the individual and into the limitless healing potential found in our direct connection to this earth and to each other.

The time has come to join this mighty wave of change in whatever way you are called. The time has come to awaken all the parts within us that are not in alignment for living as a New Earth. The process is intuitive because our natural state of being is connected to the planet. We've forgotten, but we are remembering. The time we take to heal ourselves is only going to help heal the planet.

When we heal those old wounds, shadowy perceptions, and find a better balance for our body it becomes easy to change. Because ultimately, this kind of healing gives the heart a safe space to find its authentic frequency of love. Our cellular vibration begins to finely tune itself to positive, peaceful, energetically pure resonances. We can feel when something is out of alignment much easier. And when you are empowered to listen to your heart, you will hear the stark realization that this humanity and all of life is in dire need of our help.

We are being asked to align with this new vibration of love, strength, and solidarity for this planet and all its beings.

May we all forgive ourselves for what we have been taught.

May we ask for forgiveness by rewriting the truth of history.

May we all stand together to remember what we know within.

May we envision a New Earth, where we All matter.

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