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Empowering Ourselves for a Better World

Updated: Jan 20

I keep thinking about my first pair of jelly shoes I received when I was ten years old. They were hot Fuschia pink and smashed my little sausage toes through the plastic holes. They were horribly uncomfortable. But everyone had to have a pair. Those jelly shoes are still alive in some dump somewhere.

That thought catapults me into thinking about every piece of plastic I have ever used only to become a menace to someone in the next 500 years. As that is how long most of it will take to decompose, so they think. My plastic purchases are all still taking up space somewhere on the planet.

We're living in a society where we realize the modern lifestyle is not working. Yet we just keep talking about how it's not working. Then we go to the store and we say we need to buy face soap. It's kind of like there's this moment of helplessness. Of like saying, "Well, I don't know what else to do." You feel you just gotta buy the face soap. Then you have a moment where you grapple with realizing, crap its plastic. I don’t want to buy plastic. You might have this awareness of asking, is it organic, what are the products, or where does it come from?

There's a necessary moment that is burgeoning to happen in our consciousness where we say instead, "Well what are the ingredients we need to make this?"

It's time to learn new skills (that are really old skills) that take us away from being dependent upon corporations.

Really it's a simple lifestyle choice.

All the products that we buy we think we have to buy the this way, but we don't. Almost all of it we can make ourselves.

It's this idea that things have to look a certain way in society, so we have to go buy couches and bedding and this-and-that because we want things to be a certain way.

Let’s rethink the wheel on all of it.

Not even a hundred years ago they didn't need any of the things we have now. It wasn't even in their existence, so why is it that we have become so dependent? We think somehow that we're helpless and it's part of the brainwashing. It is part of the programming. The illusion of our needs depends on an earth-endangering, disease-causing, suffrage-inducing lifestyle. We think we need these things in order for us to live.

We are taught this dependency and programming from the get-go with our school systems. Training people to basically be good workers and military people. Order and structure were the things that created good civilians and it might have had good intentions from that perspective. Ultimately it was to create a bunch of little worker bees. Minions to do the wealthy people's bidding.

And through the generations, slowly we started to believe that as truth. We have been dependent on living this way and our identity is dependent on it as well.

This is the part that is bizarre to me because I will watch the lengths that people go through for beauty. For acceptance. For feeling like they matter. Boob jobs and all the stuff that people are doing to fulfill this void. The void is that we aren’t free to be who we are. We are taught on such a grand scale that we don't matter if we don't subscribe to how modern society is running.

We are at an important ChoicePoint where we can change all of this.

You actually have the power to do so!

So do I!

But we are all going to have to do it together if we are really going to see a difference.

I didn't realize these things as a little girl wanting my first pair of jelly shoes, but I do now. Most of us were unaware. But now we are aware. We can't keep living the same way once we realize the impact our actions are having on the planet.

In my journey to relearn the ways of old, I'm understanding that just like the burned forest, it's going to be a process. A process of regrowth, from the ashes of old for everyone. We've got some weening away from disposable objects to do.

If we are going to create a healthy and whole world, its gotta start at home. It's going to take time, but if that becomes our collective intention, in time, we can see healing for all.

Check out the audio recording of how this conversation started below.


Sahara Sun is a licensed Five Element Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Author, Artist, and Educator. She works worldwide offering online Telehealth Sessions addressing the body, mind, and spirit of a person. She weaves her knowledge of science, natural medicine, and spiritual healing together for an immersive experience to fully heal.


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