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Getting Conscious with Thanksgiving: Eight Signs We Are Shifting

Do our holidays really help us shift into a New Earth? The nostalgia of the holiday season is what can stop us from reimagining a new way of showing up on the planet. In this blog, I'm sharing Eight Signs We Are Shifting for how we are starting to reimagine a new way of showing up as New Earth Pioneers.

Getting behind the truth of what we were taught about the holidays we celebrate is part of the journey toward a Conscious Thanksgiving.

Here are a few things we were taught as children that may not resonate with what we realize now as adults.

  • We were taught that Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate coming together with the Indigenous people of the land for a moment of peace and sharing the earth's bounty.

  • We were taught that we have turkey on Thanksgiving Day, with all the fixins of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

  • We were taught that this holiday signified peace between the pilgrims who invaded the land of the indigenous people.

  • We were taught to see our country as an idealized representation of how the rest of the world can live.

Yet, behind all the nostalgic, warming, cozy feelings our seasonal holidays bring, at their core, we're celebrating on the backs of a lot of suffering. As New Earth Pioneers, we've got the opportunity to get really mindful and accountable with why we celebrate and are these actions in alignment for a sustainable future. That is what I'm calling a Conscious Thanksgiving, where we get the opportunity to reinvent our intentions, our purchases, and our traditions for a sustainable future for all.

If transparency is at the forefront to create change, then I am guided to share this version of Thanksgiving History with you (Video: The First Thanksgiving, What Really Happened? Here )

Why is it so difficult to make changes around the holidays?

I feel that most people fall in line with what they were taught each year out of nostalgia, tradition, and love of family. We are inundated by the media, displays in the stores, and the comforting need to continue with the tradition. I find that nostalgia generally wins over the courage to create something new. The love we have for honoring our family through traditions is important. That's why we keep buying turkeys and still want to gather to celebrate.

Why would a little holiday be contributing to the problems on the planet?

If we are continuing to participate in energy that excludes or distorts the truth, then we are continuing to manifest the same energy in our reality. To say it another way. Imbalanced energy will continue to express imbalanced outcomes. If we want to create a balanced world in our society, our environment, and our personal worlds then we've got to bravely see how we choose to celebrate also matters.

Every year, I've been conflicted about celebrating the holidays because of their historical and materialistic distortions. My authentic truth rumbles around inside of me and yet, I choose to make a different intention. For years, I've called Thanksgiving, "Gratitude Day", to help shift the frequency and intention of why I'm willing to participate in this holiday.

Living in a first-world country makes it easy to find gratitude. Running water, a roof over our heads, clothes, plumbing, cars, and material abundance everywhere we turn. It's a wonderfully easy time to find things to be grateful. Yet, from this First World privilege, something isn't sitting right this year. I realized I am grateful for a different reason. These are the top ten reasons I am grateful.

The Ten Ways We Are Becoming Conscious towards this Thanksgiving Holiday

#1. The Truth is Becoming More Apparent.

The wrongs of the planet are being exposed and revealed. We need this level of awareness and to get real with the way this world is operating before we can choose another way. ALL of us have a part to play in our world and our humanity's preservation or destruction. The more the truth is revealed, the more people might begin to choose change, the unknown rather than conformity.

#2. Most People are Seeking Another Way of Living.

There is a strong emergence in many around the planet where we are realizing that the way we are living is no longer acceptable. There is a desire to find a new path where we are tending to the earth rather than desecrating her.

#3. People are feeling uncomfortable with the way things are on the planet.

EcoCrisis, EcoAnxiety, and EcoDepression - (Climate Change Health) are rumbling through our minds and hearts. These emotions aren't necessarily bad. They are the beginnings of conscious awareness, movement, accountability, and healing. When we turn that fear into courage with a collective purpose, amazing things are going to happen! As a New Earth Pioneer, that's part of the be a part of the collective purpose.

#4. People Want to Be the Change.

I am not talking about our newly elected officials. I am talking about a complete and totally radical shift in the way we live. People are finding their way to be more sustainable, choose jobs that make a difference, or even where they might live on the planet. So many people are in a major shift in their lives.

I feel it's because we're all intuitive beings and our hearts can feel how this world is misaligned and needs to shift. This tipping point is unique inside each of us, readying us for change. Each person does have a part to play in order to shift power, corruption, and greed into a collective humanitarian uprising, for the sake of our earth and future children. Without a guide map of how to do it differently, the journey becomes quite lonely making it easy to revert back to our old patterns. If we've got a blueprint to navigate how to live differently then being the change becomes so empowering.

#5. Corporate Greed is out and Sustainability Is In.

We are realizing how our materialistic lifestyle is no longer supporting life on this earth. We are realizing that there is another way to live, one which involves looking at our daily lives differently. We are realizing how these corporations are disempowering us and causing so much environmental destruction that we're seeking alternative ways to live.

#6. There is a Recognition that Animals are Sentient Beings and Have Basic Rights.

Okay, maybe not everywhere, but at least it is happening somewhere. People are standing for the animals, realizing that we can no longer practice barbarism. Several countries have decreed animals sentient: France, Brussels, New Zealand, Chili, Belarus, and the European Union. People are seeing how many products offered in the stores are from unethical sources. (Animals to be Formerly Recognized as Sentient - Article)

#7. There is an Awakening with Food!

People are seeing the value of growing food themselves, sharing food, and buying locally. We are seeing how harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers are affecting the bees, waterways, and our health. Organic is becoming commonplace and factory farming is starting to be frowned upon. We're shifting!! (Check out the movie - Kiss the Ground)

#8. Plastic is now the problem versus our salvation.

Most are now aware that plastic is here to stay, for 1/2 million years. So, in the least, when we throw away that plastic cup we've got a feeling of guilt for using the plastic cup. Here in Maui, they've banned most plastic in restaurants. People don't mind bringing their bags to the store, whereas in some regions of the country it may still be considered an insult to have to bring your own bag. Proper disposal and usage are still running rampant, but at least there is a mindful shift happening.

The Hard Truth of Thanksgiving

Taking a good hard look at why we do what we do can be so overwhelming we'd prefer to not look at the hard truth behind some of our holidays. If you are reading this, that likely means you are very aware of the millions of Turkeys factory farmed for this day. You are likely aware of the cultural genocide that is glazed over when we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Yet, if we really wish to change then don't we have a responsibility to choose to participate or not in societal actions that continue to align with misaligned energies?

I watch every year how people are aware of the imbalance and yet, the nostalgia of the holiday wins almost every time. Is it possible to reimage a New Earth where we choose to celebrate differently? More mindfully? Sustainably? Reverently?

If we want to give our descendants a more harmonious relationship with this earth, then we've got to go beyond cultural programming and look back at the people who, for a period of time, were living in harmony. What did they do? How did they live? What was important to them?

There are cultures around the world who maintained living in harmony for almost two thousand years. Then we, as humanity, go lost. Our Ancestors once knew how to do this. You might even have a memory of a past life where you once had that kind of relationship. Maybe that's something you've yearned to reclaim again - your empowered connection to this Earth.

May we envision a New Earth, where we All matter.


Sahara has made these ancient teachings accessible so that anyone can find that empowered, unshakable strength to feel like they can move through their worries, become proactive, feel like they've got a purpose, and are creating a life that feels part of the solutions. She has built this in a private container to honor these ancient teachings. She believes, that when enough of us have the skill sets to cultivate balance in our own worlds, we're going to create a ripple effect of balance throughout the rest of the world. It's an individual job, but a collective undertaking to reimagine our futures as New Earth Pioneers!

The New Earth Pioneer journey is a catered online experience that is automated over time for you to take at your pace through your computer or phone app. If you are curious to learn more about how there is a blueprint to help guide you in your daily life, then check out how this online experience can help to activate your most authentic self for your best life and for the future harmony of this planet.

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