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Coronavirus Cocoon: The Pandemic with a Purpose

A surge of empowering energy ran through me when I realized the entire planet was going to be impacted by a virus. This is a pandemic with a purpose, I thought. To heal, clear, and reset our world back into balance.

I couldn’t help but have flashes of every lesson and hardship I have experienced in the last twenty-seven years with Lyme disease. I realized I had been groomed for this moment in history, right now. Although I'm feeling great now, the all-too-familiar Healing Warrior has awakened in me. It is time to awaken the Healing Warrior in you, too.

Imagine being quarantined in your house for two years? That was the longest stent with Lyme disease before it was diagnosed. Two years. Socially isolated, unable to leave the house for days and weeks on end. Sound familiar?

The first year of being bedridden was a horrific fall from grace. Wrought with fear, anger, grief, and worry. I didn’t know what was happening to me and neither did the doctors. I had to lay there, suffering, while the rest of the world passed me by. I had lost my income, my marriage was collapsing, and my parents were sick three thousand miles away. The torture was having a vibrant spirit trapped in a slowly dying body.

The second-year became an invaluable surrender and acceptance of the situation I had found myself. No longer resisting, thinking about what once was, what could have been, what should be, what I wished was different. I became one with the moment. And as if for the first time, I discovered a world I hadn’t seen before. I was going too fast to notice life happening all around me. A new world had opened before me.

I marveled at flowers blooming, birds singing, flits of light on the leaves, and the smell of trees in the air. There were moments so profound, I’d find myself sobbing over a budding cherry blossom. I discovered that nature was always talking, guiding, listening. I was never alone. I just couldn’t see how intertwined I was with the world because I was too busy with what I thought life was supposed to be about. Over time, I found alone time to be more rewarding because I had discovered a world that was hidden under the going, doing, achieving, preparing, and running all the time.

I started to appreciate being slow. I realized how much better I felt.

This awakened connection fueled me, guided me, and inspired me to start living a different way. I didn’t want to go back to the fast-paced, stressful lifestyle I was living anymore. I had gone into a cocoon and when I emerged I was no longer the same person. I intimately share these epiphanies of my personal journey in my book, Heart Broke Open.

How does one embrace a journey they didn’t know they were going to take, don’t want to take, and have no choice but to move forward? The good news is that we are doing this together!

Humanity has stepped into a Coronavirus Coccoon. The overall collective of our world has never been told that it was okay to stop. Until now.

We have been pushing ourselves too hard as a society. We are pushing the Earth to keep up with our demands to maintain a modern lifestyle.

Since the world has stopped in this global pandemic the canals of Venice have turned blue, with less boat traffic. Los Angelos is seeing the blue sky for the first time in years with a visible reduction in smog and the ozone layer is already showing signs of healing itself. The coronavirus is going to show us that sustaining life and human happiness is far more valuable than disposable plastic, the latest fashion, or the next amazing restaurant.

We are all part of the problem. Now, we get to be a part of the solution!

During these months where the earth reclaims itself from us humans, we are going to see beauty burst forth to the likes we’ve never seen. We’re going to see the animals coming to life, exploring new areas for the first time. Plants are going to seem brighter. Birds are going to sing more. The weather is going to feel fantastic. Simply because none of us have experienced this earth when it wasn’t being abused and destroyed by humans.

Parents are going to notice how light, free, and happy their child has been since school stopped. The children are going to tell their parents they don’t want to go back to school. They are going to tell them the truth of how their life wasn’t working for them before. They’re going to help adults remember what it feels like to just be in the world again.

Listen to the children. This is their time now. You may want to blow them off, thinking they are kids, of course, they’d rather just play. But they are telling you something much deeper and wise than childhood whims.

The coronavirus has put all of us into a cocoon where we get to imagine a new kind of humanity for our world. A caterpillar's cells turn into a liquid goo once inside a cocoon. They are called imaginal cells.

May we imagine that the Chemical Era of humanity is done! May we imagine an Earth First Era when we emerge and spread our wings to fly again.

The Healing Warrior in me feels ready for the long haul of this pandemic. My hope is everyone gets to slow down enough with our pandemic to discover contentment, aliveness, and vibrancy they had long forgotten. That we all remember the true nature of humanity. As the New Earth Pioneers, may we remember we are in charge of this precious blue planet in the middle of a giant galaxy. Quite the honor, really. May we remember that it is our job to create such a world where all beings living here can thrive.

The earth is healing us, so she can heal herself. The time is upon us to learn to heal, thrive, and evolve.

A virus has proven how interconnected and fallible we are as humans. A virus has shown us that the Earth has been waiting for us to step aside. We are all in this together. We all can dream of a new world with each other. We can set a new belief system in place where our planet comes first. We can come together as One Earth. We can do this in honor of those who will lose their lives in this great shift. The time is more imperative than ever to start dreaming while you are in this cocoon.

Imagine what you’d like to change about your life and how you'd like to contribute to better earth when we are through this. Dream big!

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