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Is an online session right for you? How does it work anyway?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

When someone considers a Session online, it is difficult for most people to wrap their heads around how healing when you aren't in the same room is going to be effective. The key word here is head. This kind of healing doesn’t stem from the brain, but rather the heart.

The complex role the heart plays in our psychology, spirituality, physiology, and emotions has been explored since the Neolithic era. Our Western culture perceives healing to fix an ailment, symptom, or disease, as if it is separate from us humans who feel, perceive, and navigate with the heart. We need Western Medicine for many life saving technologies. I am not talking about symptomatic healing though. I am not talking about getting rid of the malady or stopping the symptom. I am talking about Conscious Healing - transformation. And to transform, the alchemy necessary to shift the darkness inside is to summon the ancient wisdom found in the heart.

Snowflakes, to me, are the fingerprints of water. Each facet completely unique, no one flake is alike. Yet when combined together they create a sparkling symphony of perfection that we admire on a snowy day. There is no tree alike, and together they comprise the forest.

Our energetic and physical blueprints are a unique piece of nature, just like the snowflake, and when combined we comprise humanity.

I often answer the question of how does an online session work with the reply, “We are not working in a linear reality, we are working in another dimension where we can hear what the heart is asking to thrive.” All the answers we seek lie in the intricate chambers of the energetic heart. There is so much we have yet to understand about multi-dimensional healing. Even though I have explored and use many healing modalities, I have come to accept that I don’t need to understand. I trust and have witnessed countless transformations across cyberspace and in person. Yet, for someone who has lost trust because they see themselves as separate, in a linear reality, it can be difficult to step into the unknown. But your heart knows non-linear reality very well, you have just forgotten how to listen.

Energetic Heart

The Heart Math Institute’s mission is to validate the complex non-linear reality of the heart using the Western principles of the scientific method.

“The heart is uniquely well positioned to act as the “global coordinator” in the body’s symphony of functions to bind and synchronize the system as a whole. Because of the extensiveness of its influence on physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems, the heart provides a central point of reference from which the dynamics of such processes can be regulated….

There is compelling evidence to suggest that the heart’s energy field (energetic heart) is coupled to a field of information that is not bound by the classic limits of time and space.

This evidence comes from a rigorous experimental study that investigated the proposition that the body receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens.” (Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health Rollin McCraty, PhD; Doc Childre)

I love knowing that the Heart Math Institute is out there helping linear thinkers better perceive the unseen energy coursing through all matter.

In Taoism (the foundation, for me, as an East Asian Medicine Practitioner), we come to understand the unique blueprint that you have brought into the world. Humanity has lost touch with the heartbeat of the earth. This heartbeat can only be felt when we are living with a conscious connection to nature. A healing session helps you to follow the rhythms of nature - your own nature - you snowflake, you!

Western Medicine holds the intention to get you back to the way you once were. But how can anyone ever be the same once we have experienced something that has shaped us into something new? In this kind of healing, a broken foot on one person could mean something entirely different for another. Why did they fall? What was going on in their life? Where are they afraid to step? Where are they afraid to land in the greater landscape of their soul?

The heart knows what is going on and it is my job to help lovingly remove the stones, cords, daggers, and cages that are affecting a person’s intuitive heart. When we are held in love from the heart of the earth, and we remove the obstacles to that connection, living becomes easy, regardless of the circumstance. Nurture the wounded parts to begin to heal, and allow the innate wisdom of your body do the healing for you.

So what happens when we work online? A lot!

Let’s be curious together to discover the intricate, unique nature of your being and help you to thrive.

What we explore during an Online Session


  • Nutritional support

  • Detox or holistic protocols to help with physical symptoms

  • Herbal and Homeopathic support

  • Sahara has an online dispensary that allows you to easily see and order her recommendations

  • Hidden meanings behind your ailments


  • Observation of yourself from a new vantage point

  • Support, compassion, and insight on what is blocking you

  • Homework to help navigate from the head to the heart

  • Learning accountability for our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions

  • Developing a conscious relationship with yourself and those around you


  • Unravel belief systems, ancestral wounds, and programming that aren’t in alignment with your unique blueprint.

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Animal Guides

  • Conversation with loved ones who have crossed over

  • Aligning your energy body back to its divine essence so you can thrive

If you're interested in trying an online session you can visit my site here for scheduling options.

Much Love and Aloha,


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