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You’re Suffering? Great! Let’s Awaken!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

There is a time in everyone’s life when the life we once knew seemingly falls apart. Most people respond with loss, grief, or stubborn clinging to that old life. The despair and resistance builds in magnitude, knocking us off our center without an ability to clearly listen to our hearts. Our society doesn’t easily offer tools to navigate these great changes. We might turn to what we were taught as children in school, church, or from our community. Yet, from the gentle whispers in the heart we know there is another way. If only we had a guide map to help us navigate these unforged paths.

Divorce, death, job loss, heartbreak, loss of security, loss of identity, illness, injuries, traumatic events will eventually be marked on most of our souls. These challenges may seem random and purposeless. But that is what we are taught – that things just happen and now we must go on. Yet, these events change and shape us, forever imprinting some lesson or heartache that could forever keep us from truly living.

When we can say, “Thank you for the opportunity,” we have found the pathway to healing and living free again or perhaps for the first time.

Watching the news (which I consciously choose to not) can make us feel like this world is falling to hell in a hand-basket. We all sense there is a way out of this, to change and shift the paradigm this world currently lives. You want a better world? You want to leave this world a better place for your children and their children's children?

Then it’s time to wake up! This suffering you are experience has the alchemy to become your greatest teacher. Are you ready to awaken and live authentically, regardless of the circumstance? Our own highest wisdom has the capacity to heal ourselves. The road map to navigate your suffering is found in that higher wisdom within. It is found in learning to become consciously accountable for our own actions. I always ask myself, what is my part, when dealing with something challenging. When we become consciously accountable for our own actions, it creates an empowered sense of self.

Serving as the foundation for the healing work, I offer to teach people how to listen to their cells, talk to bacteria, make amends with a body part that is broken, forgive the adulterer, find compassion where there was judgement, to embrace instead of repel. It doesn’t matter if the label is Lyme disease, migraines, cancer, a car wreck, divorce, layoff, accident, heartbreak, or mistake. Each label of suffering is a gifted opportunity to awaken and heal – returning to the authentic truth within.

"When we choose to stop seeking the answers externally, we begin to heal internally."

My intention for the future is to create opportunities for people to learn to heal from a different place of consciousness, especially through major trauma, loss, or illness. The connection I have with the spirit world has shown me how to understand the metaphysics of healing down to the core cellular vibration in our body. After over twenty years of teachers showing me their way to understand this, my greatest teacher ultimately became my guides, and listening to the messages in nature. When you can’t move for months on end, the act of stillness causes the psyche to open to a world of healing and living that has long been forgotten. The alchemy of healing rises from the depths of our own soul. When we choose to stop seeking the answers externally, we begin to heal internally.

I wish to share what I have learned with others to help contribute to the shift what is happening now on the planet. How I share this service is to uncover the soul patterns that inhibit transformational healing. Suffering, illness, loss, or trauma are all amazing catalysts for this to happen. It is time to listen to our own inner wisdom to become sovereign souls.

Every time a hardship enters my life, I realized that it didn’t become a poignant teacher until I surrendered over the circumstance to acceptance. Once I accepted, the lessons begin pouring in. These lessons come by learning to pay attention to nature, the wind, birds, or even a TV commercial. Our angels, guides, and our own heart are trying to talk to us all the time. We have forgotten how to listen. I often wonder if a lot of suffering would stop in this world if there were enough of us who woke up and started to listen, engage, and learn from the world around us. The outer world is simply a reflection on our inside world. Utilize what is in your life to show you how you may not be living authentically.

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