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Healing Is Beyond Comprehension

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The Life Force That Will Help You to Heal

During embryonic development, the cells have no label, form or function. There are no nerve cells or skin cells or blood cells. They are one in the same, just a microscopic pile of goo -- until something assigns the cells a role and purpose. Eventually, everything differentiates into their own unique function for the body. Nerve cells are assigned to perceive heat and cold, others pain, and others Calcium. Some cells become soldiers to fight invaders, while others become incredible chemists breaking down toxins in the body. The intricacy at which the body assigns specific roles to each cell is a miraculous.

What is orchestrating this miraculous creation of life? What kind of force drives cell division, feels emotions, knows the core difference between love and hate. This mysterious life force somehow is connected to our consciousness, which entwines itself the soul. This alchemical mystery is what starts the heartbeat and keeps it beating unconditionally throughout our life.

We, humans, have labeled this force throughout history -- Mana (Hawaiian), Qi (Chinese Medicine), Kundalini (Yogic traditions), Spirit (Christian traditions), Ruah (Hebrew). We witness the power of this Mana in death. There is nothing more awe-inspiring to watch a being take its last breath, that energy no longer orchestrating the body. There is no reason for cell division to continue without the presence of that consciousness, that which brings life.

The energy body is described by many cultures around the world in various ways and terminology. Chinese Medicine views this energy that moves around the body in the form of meridians that flow like a conduit system of currents. Indian Ayurveda Medicine uses the chakras, a system of energy spheres that rule various areas of the body and are connected to the planets and stars. Indigenous tribes all over the world refer to this energy as a multidimensional, complex system that houses the soul. These cultural perceptions have shaped how we see this energy and define the soul, weaving it through customs, and religious traditions. I have come to understand, for my own self that these different cultural perceptions to explain this energetic grid are all correct. They have all helped me to understand conscious healing and how the soul and our experiences shape and change this mysterious life force. Using this ancient philosophy to understand that healing requires an awareness that we are more than flesh and bone and our circumstance. Within each of us is a very intelligent and resilient grid of energy that allows us to function in this physical world. Everything on this planet has an energetic grid running throughout. But if there is an imbalance in the grid (and there are many reasons this imbalance can occur), the energy will not flow the way it was established at birth. To compensate for the imbalance, energy will build in one area of the body and become depleted in another. Physical ailments are the body’s way of communicating to us that there is something wrong with our energy grid. In meditating on this subject, what I sense is that this energy, consciousness, or Qi, steps into the fetus three weeks after conception, when the heart begins to beat. The Qi begins to spread through the rest of the cells as the embryo develops carrying the energetic blueprints of the soul and igniting the construction of the physical form. The cells download the information stored in the Qi and begin to vibrate out a certain frequency. That frequency changes as we navigate our life journey, but it is that beginning frequency we strive to find again as adults. The initial frequency of consciousness, the one our divine child within remembers, is packed full of love. We came into this world as divine beings full of joy and love. You can see that abundant love sparkling through the eyes of any child. The light we see in their eyes is their spirit connected to the greater web of life, the stars, the moon, and their soul. They freely express their light and we adults often marvel in delight at their radiance. This light also comprises our intuition, which carries the innate capacity to see beyond this reality and into the realms where mystery, magic, and miracles arise. By the age of three, our senses adapt to this world and slowly, over time our perceptions can see only in this dimension. There are endless ways in which that initial frequency of divine love can be altered throughout our lives, especially during our childhood. The same energy that started your beating heart when you were still a microscopic fetus gets squelched. What ends up happening is we learn to suppress our spirit -- the all-important compass of the heart, relayer of our intuition. Imagine what kind of butterfly effect this creates in the body internally, and in the world around us? Part of Conscious Healing is reclaiming that divine essence we were born with so that our cells re-remember how to operate, find balance, and vibrate in love. Living in this heart-centered energy is living from a higher plane of consciousness, where we can listen to our internal compass, and have the perspective necessary to transcend into our best selves. The light that shines through a child’s eyes reflects the energy body as being fully charged. When we are fully tapped into this grid of chakras and meridians we are vital, we shine, and feel potential and opportunity to live. When this energy is dimmed inside, you can visibly see this on a person. A dimmed energy body will have dull eyes, pallid skin, and an overall sense of feeling burdened either physically, emotionally, or mentally. Conscious healing is finding the reason why the dimmer switch to this grid is turned down? What caused your light to dim, and how do you change that? The energy body affects so many aspects of how we live and thrive, heal and die. The energy body holds the program and it is what must be cleared and cleaned for authentic healing to happen. Taking steps towards consciously healing requires an accountability to look at ourselves humbly, authentically, lovingly, and with curiosity. What kind of vibration are we operating from? Love? Fear? Anger? Control? Benevolence? Somewhere in the midst of play, being and feeling free, allowing ourselves to relax in the acceptance of who we are, that divine child will find its way to the surface again. We must look to nature, the heavens, and the stars for the answers that are not linear and are rather beyond our own comprehension. The light will return in the eyes, vitality will begin to flow, and love will fill the heart.

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