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To the Healing Warrior

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Dear Healing Warrior,

Breathe. Take a moment to be at peace. In this moment, all is well. Every word has been written with love. A new perspective awaits.

You have likely been putting all of your energy into your mind, looking for a website or medical advice that would be ‘the thing’ that will help you out of your current suffering. You likely have been in despair with one doctor after another giving you the next herb, supplement, or treatment that might help you get better.

You likely seek for a way to:

  • relieve what ails you

  • fix the problems in your life

  • free yourself of pain

  • not feel so lonely

  • stop hiding how horrible you actually feel physically and emotionally

  • live your best life

  • and feel free

I understand. An intense healing experience is astounding to the body, mind, soul and heart. The deep loss you have felt over your body not working right affects every aspect of who you are. The journey may feel like walking through a desert, alone, seeking an oasis of reprieve. You are not alone, dear One!

The true journey you seek to heal lies within, waiting for you in the tender recesses of your heart. Once inside you will find a beautiful light that is waiting to shine in you, regardless of the body or circumstance. This light holds an energy, a magical elixir that will guide you to love fully, trust completely, and live authentically. As these new feelings, perspectives, and ways of showing up for yourself begin to blossom you will find your body begins to thrive instead of survive.

I had to learn this the hard way, I suppose.

The First Step to Healing

The first step to healing is ridding yourself of all negative thoughts. That magical elixir inside your heart only holds positive energy. The more you understand how to feel the difference between positive and negative energy in your body, mind, and emotions the more you will start to take charge of your life and your health. How?

The answers you seek begin with:

Trust that what lies inside your heart knows the way to your best life. Your mind will make yourself crazy trying to figure it out.

Acceptance of your life situation, because resistance will only make it harder for your body to repair itself. By accepting where you are right now sends your cells a message that they are loved. A little encouragement goes a long way in life and in your body.

Believe that a healer lies within you and that you have the power and the choice to create your best life.

Gratitude towards your cells. You are a walking miracle. Your body is working so hard right now to keep you alive. Have you thought about what is already working perfectly for you? If you can fill your body with gratitude for something, anything, it will start to reward you in kind.

You are amazing! You are a miracle! Your healing circumstance has the potential to be your greatest teacher.

I am here to offer you support, hope, insight, inspiration, and love. I am honored to help show you the way for your inward journey to heal.

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