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Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle

One year after Heart Broke Open ends

A little over a year ago, I had said ‘yes’ to a crazy idea. A sailor, who I didn’t know, would come to rescue me out of my own storm in Paradise, California. He whisked me away to a magical island, called Orcas Island, in Washington where the peace and healing energy of that land fostered me back to my senses and onto my feet after an arduous healing journey from heartbreak and Lyme disease. Fourteen months have gone by since I landed on that healing rock. And in that time, I’ve managed to share my healing journey and personal story of Heart Broke Open with you. May this story bring inspiration, clarity, and a shift of perspective that you may need on your own healing journey. I am so deeply honored to share my broken opened heart, vulnerability, and epic adventure to heal. Heart Broke Open has many facets and lessons: whether you are sick with Lyme disease or any other chronic illness, perpetually seeking happiness, looking for a home, healing from heartbreak, on a quest to find yourself, or just wanting to live authentically. Heart Broke Open holds a magic of transformation and an alchemy to see your world with a fresh perspective.

I am still gleaning lessons from the journey to live with my heart fully open. My dedication to finish this book has been inspired to help you with your own healing journey and soul growth. And even more still, it has been an honor to be a voice for Lyme patients around the world who are too sick to even relay what they feel inside along their nervous system. May my own experience foster compassion and a deeper understanding towards this very difficult illness.

The journey continues…

Over a year has passed since the story I share with you ended. This unknown journey forced me into listening fully to my heart and trusting the unknown path to unfold. The journey continues to this day. Our healing journeys never end. You may be seeking questions to create a better life for yourself. You may be wondering how to let your beautiful light shine to the world. How do we continue to let our lives unfold, one step at a time is the quest for many on this planet. We are all being asked to learn the simple and yet difficult lesson of trusting something greater than ourselves to lead us out of our own suffering in order to thrive on this planet.

On those bad days, where trust and faith is nowhere to be found I talk to the fear in my mind. You know, those little voices inside our heads who are the Curmudgeon, the Complainer, the Worrier, the Judge, the Instigator of storms in the heart. I listen, but I dare not heed their negative advice. Trust is tethered to my opened heart now, even if I sometimes doubt, I still return to the miracles and blessings that I have encountered. Time and again I’ve seen money appear, abundance appear, strangers appear that quickly becomes family. I trust that all will be well. I’ve learned that now from the last year living on the road. I’ve learned how to listen and say yes even if I don’t understand the reasons why.

One year after the ending of Heart Broke Open, where that sailor rescued me, Maui lured me back into her arms again. It is here, on Maui, where I would finally land from this amazing adventure. My experiences in the last year have involved many deaths, births, and rebirths of the physical and spiritual kind. I see that ethereal Hawaiian sun rising out of the East again into that place in my heart that seems to linger peace, abundant love, and possibility. Now that I’ve surrendered and have had to learn to trust, the creative potential for all of us to create our best life feels possible. This life is one big miracle waiting to reveal the magic of this world to you! I just had to stop listening to that Curmudgeon inside and listen for the yes.

I hear the YES bellowing through the ether of the Maui clouds. I’ve faced the shadows, I’ve walked the gauntlet to learn to trust and see life from a whole new lens of perception. I have failed many times and I have also triumphed. All of it required courageous faith, surrendering to the outcome, and living it with all of my heart. Now that I’ve made it through this intense journey to heal, I have come full circle to finally land in the loving embrace of the Aloha magic held in these islands. I can’t wait to inspire your own journey to transform into your best self.

Sahara with her dogs, Shanti and Rosita

Sahara Sun has practiced energy healing for the last twenty years as an intuitive healer to help awaken consciousness. Her background in Biology, Medicinal Plant Research, and East Asian Medicine allows her to bridge the perspectives of the seen and unseen worlds of energy and science into her healing practice. Her own twenty-four year battle with Lyme disease has been her greatest teacher. Sahara’s home is within and she enjoys living an island lifestyle on Maui, Hawaii with her two wiener dogs. She is honored each day to find wonderment in being alive and loving with a full heart.

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