Art heals

A Collection by Sahara Sun


The Process was Her Medicine,

the Channeled Images Evoke Healing for Others.

 Something amazing happened in October 2016 when my neurologist said, “Please tell me you’re an artist. In order to heal your brain, you have to paint.”  


I have never painted before.


The only reason these paintings exist is that they were divinely conspired to be expressed. Friends, experts in fine art, could see something I could not in a simple sketch. They became the artistic muses and midwives that helped birth this gift of the channeled healing art.  


In the year-long process to complete my first painting, She Sees, I was shown what to do. I’d go to bed wondering how in the world do I paint a peacock and I’d wake up knowing exactly what to do.  My hand often felt like it wasn’t my own as I painted. I was being guided to become present with every stroke conveying emotions and messages in the images. As an intuitive energy healer, I felt the spirits of master artists, such as Vincent Van Gough and Frida Kahlo, were helping me.


The nature spirits coming through have guided me on my own healing journey for years. I was surprised to discover that anyone who steps into the painting also feels and receives this healing transmission. For example, when I shared the medicine of the anaconda in She Sees a friend realized that her life-long phobia of snakes cleared overnight. The profound experiences with the paintings prompted me to share these with the world.


After completing the original collection of ‘ART HEALS,’ images are waiting for their turn to get on the canvas. These paintings are a reflection of my cumulative knowledge and practice as an Intuitive Healer, East Asian Taoist Practitioner, Botany, Shamanism, studying Indigenous cultures, and Holistic Sciences. I never know what is coming forth, each moment of creation is a surprise.  


I am tuned in to mysterious forces that heal beyond our comprehension and have dedicated my life to helping this planet to heal. 


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