5 Element Acupuncture

5 Element Acupuncture sees each being as a piece of nature.  

There is no one tree alike, just as there is no one human alike.  

You grew and were shaped into who you are right now based upon a lifetime of experiences.


This system of medicine sees the uniqueness of your being and fosters the energy that created you to work in your favor.  


Check out the Elements below and how they create balance and healing. 

Adult, Pediatric, and Animal sessions available.

Sahara offers 5 Element Acupuncture from her home office on Maui, Hawaii


  • Connect to your spirit to live your best life

  • Heal your heart from old wounds and set it free

  • Balance your blood pressure, inflammation, pain, and hot flashes

  • Find joy and laughter again​​​


  • Receive deep support to find your center and stability within

  • Nourish your being to feel deeply restored

  • Balance digestion and appetite

  • Calm down and release worry


  • Build confidence again, you can do it!

  • Envision your best life and bring it to form

  • Release pain and inflammation

  • Detox, detox, detox

  • Find flexibility in perspectives that were once held rigid

  • Free yourself from anger and resentment


  • Build your reserves and find energy again

  • Summon the courage to face your fears

  • Allows your body to deeply rest

  • Give your adrenals a break!  Reduces stress

  • Energize your body


  • Find value again in what you offer the world

  • Discover self-love and self-respect

  • Let go of what no longer serves you

  • Move through grief

  • Release anxiety and chest constriction

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